Zhuge Qingyun Bloody Sioux City

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"Why pay for the lives of a few more animals?" Said the long princess with a sneer. "Look who this is, Zhu Laosan,"

"Why pay for the lives of a few more animals?" Said the long princess with a sneer. "Look who this is, Zhu Laosan," said Niu Jianjun in his voice. By this time, it could be discerned that the voices of Princess Chang and Niu Jianjun came from more than ten feet away from the entrance of the pass, that is, from the dense forest on the right side of the pass. Moreover, as soon as Niu Jianjun's voice fell, a black round object was already shooting at Zhu Bolun. By Niu Jianjun's voice, compared with the scene in front of him, anyone can conclude that the round object coming from the shooting must be a human head. As soon as Zhu Bolun took a copy, he just grabbed the hair of the head. Although he was splashed with blood, he finally saw the face of the head. It turned out to be the head of Yunzhonghe, the owner of Yunjiapu. Zhu Bolun threw his head aside and asked with a laugh, "Why are you killing each other again?" Niu Jianjun said with a sneer, "The three brothers of the Yun family have a grudge. They act in public but not in private. In the first battle just now, they clearly did not do their best, and they were suspected of collaborating with the enemy. Niu Jianjun was in charge of the constitution, and he had the right to act first and report later. That's why he made a prompt decision to execute them." Zhu Bolun frowned and said, "Did you kill all three brothers?" Niu Jianjun snorted in a strange voice, "If you don't believe me, look at this again.." With the voice, two more heads shot at Zhu Bolun. This time, Zhu Bolun did not need to examine, and naturally he did not go to pick up the head any more. But in his heart,collapsible bulk container, he was slightly surprised and thought: "The three cranes in the clouds are not mediocre hands, nor will they be killed with their hands tied. This man can do so cleanly and neatly. If there are no other factors, then his skill is so brilliant that it is incredible." While Zhu Bolun was reading the telegram, the strange voice of Niu Jianjun answered in a deep voice: "Please listen to the people under the Youming Sect: who dares to be half-hearted? The three Yun brothers are an example!" Zhu Bolun raised his voice and asked, "Listen to this tone. Aren't you a member of the Hades?" "It's none of your business," Niu Jianjun snorted in a strange voice. Then he answered in a deep voice, "Zhu Laosan, you don't have to come in. It's much more spacious outside the pass." Zhu Bolun laughed and said, "I can hear that.." The voice of Niu Jianjun answered,wholesale plastic pallet, "Please welcome Princess Chang. The two princesses will come out in person to plunder the battle array. Those who wait and see and do not go all out will be killed immediately. No favoritism is allowed." "All right." Long princess's words, although the answer is straightforward, but in the tone, but obviously has the unpleasant meaning. Zhu Bolun could not help thinking to himself: "Even the two princesses have to be dominated by him. This situation is really not simple.." Niu Jianjun shouted in a loud voice, "He Tu, the two castle owners, listen to orders!" In the dense forest at the entrance of the pass, there was a loud voice: "The old man is listening respectfully." "First of all, I want to explain my own position," said Niu Jianjun in his voice. "I, Niu Mingjun, am in charge of my duty. It's hard to avoid being too strict with you. I hope the two castle owners can understand this." The voices of the two castle lords said in unison, "How dare the old man.." "The supervisor's words are too serious." Niu Jianjun's tone sank and he said, "Just now, did you see the example of the three lords of Yunjiapu?" "Yes," said the other two castle owners in unison. "I saw it all." "Then." The voice of Niu Jianjun clanged like gold and stone. He answered in a deep voice, "This Jianjun has ordered you two to lead your troops in a joint attack. You must capture or kill Zhang Jinqiu, plastic wheelie bins ,spill plastic pallet, the'divine doctor of hell. 'Otherwise, you two will come to see him yourself!" "Yes," said the voice of the two castle lords. "As you wish." Zhu Bolun laughed and said, "You speak in a bureaucratic tone. Your Excellency is so imposing!" But Chu Chia-feng put on her lips and said, "It's just that I don't dare to stand up for myself, but I've ordered some scapegoats to come and die. It's too much of a pig!" Niu Jianjun's voice snorted: "Little girl, if you have a long life, you will see me.." At this moment, a burst of "search, search," repeated rings, the dense forest has been flying out of more than 20 strange night travelers, in addition to the two long gowns of the leader, are all black strong suit, holding a variety of different weapons of the big man. As for the two men in long gowns, the yellow-shirted old man, who is about fifty years old, is He Tianpeng, the owner of Hejiapu. Apparently, the grey-shirted old man, who is over sixty years old, is Tu Zhigui, the owner of Tujiapu. When this group of people took the momentum of encircling the swordsmen and slowly approached them, Zhu Jiafeng floated down in front of his father and said, "Dad, I'll take care of these people.." Zhu Bolun answered, "But you can't underestimate the enemy, and you can't show your edge." Zhu Jiafeng nodded and said with a smile, "I know." The He and Tu families had already stopped at a distance of three Zhangs, and Tu Zhigui said, "Master Zhu, please.." Zhu Bolun said with a smile, "The butcher is too polite!" He Tianpeng answered in a deep voice, "Let's avoid all the nonsense. You'd better bring it on!" Zhu Bolun laughed and said, "Lord He is really a fast talker. However, although nonsense can be avoided, serious words can not be ignored." He Tianpeng snorted, "But I don't think there's anything to say." "Yes." Zhu Bolun Zhengrong answered, "Isn't the fate of the three Yun brothers just now enough to chill you two?" Niu Jianjun's voice sneered, "Zhu Laosan, it's no use sowing dissension." He Tianpeng said coldly, "It has nothing to do with you!" "Of course it has nothing to do with me," said Zhu Bolun with a smile, "but it has nothing to do with you two." As soon as the conversation broke out, he glanced at the people on the other side and answered in a deep voice, "As far as Zhu knows, the two castle owners both have a very skillful manager, and each has an elite figure of the'Five Tiger Generals' and the'Four King Kong '. Why don't you bring them here on such an occasion as this?" He Tianpeng snorted coldly, "How can we need so many people to deal with you?" Zhu Bolun snorted and said, "Don't go against your will. Would you like me to tell you the reason?" The voice of Niu Jianjun snapped, "You two castle lords, why don't you join hands?" "Yes!" In the sound of the word "yes", the two men had both attacked, and at the same time,plastic trash bins, the long princess and the second princess, who had been ordered to plunder the array, had quietly fallen aside. cnplasticpallet.com