Emperor Qianlong February River

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"You come back here!" When Xiao Lu saw that Hao Er was about to leave again, he was so anxious that he jumped

"You come back here!" When Xiao Lu saw that Hao Er was about to leave again, he was so anxious that he jumped down from the Kang barefoot. He did not know where his strength came from. He pulled Hao Er's tall and powerful body and dragged him into the room alive. He looked at Boss Shen and Hao Er, who were in a daze. With a ghost in his eyes, he burst out a sentence from between his teeth: "Uncle Six, we have suffered a monstrous disaster. Prepare to go to court!" Second, Qian Shiye was afraid of disaster and went to Shandong. He's wife complained about the injustice and showed the evidence of the crime. Boss Shen sat on the edge of the Kang with a weak leg and a buttock. Hao Er twisted his body and stayed there. It took him a long time to come to his senses. Weng moved his lips and asked softly, "What's wrong with you tonight?"? Are you going to scare us to death? With a wry smile, Xiaolu picked up a cup of herbal tea and drank it. With a long breath, he told Boss Shen and Hao Er about the murder of He Luying by Liu Lian in collusion with Sanrui in the eastern courtyard: "Didn't you see He Daotai send Liu Futai?"? That's not'He Daotai 'at all, it's his mother Cao Rui's dress! Master He was already hanging from the beam at that time! Boss Shen and Hao Er were stunned, their twisted faces were full of terror, their eyes were straight and unblinking, like two frozen zombies, looking at the path motionless. At this time, the old tree in the courtyard was swinging like a ghost, looking eerie and gloomy. "Bodhisattva of Heaven!" A gust of wind blew, and the rain and fog wrapped in wet hoodlums slanted in. Boss Shen trembled all over, as if he were shivering with cold. "Is this true?" He said in a trembling voice? Don't dream it! "Believe it or not." Xiaolu took one look at Hao Er and said,stainless steel toilet, "I wish I were dreaming.". Second brother, I think you can hold on, you go to the back window of the north room in the east yard to have a look. I dare not go to that land again in my life. Hao Er looked at the dark sky outside. Without a word, he rolled up his trouser legs and put on a coir raincoat. Seeing that the light was still on in the house of the clerk in the West Ear Room, he shouted, "The noon cannon has been fired. Isn't it still a corpse?" The lights in the room went out with the sound. Boss Shen's fat face was full of sadness. He stroked the sparse braids at the back of his head and sighed,stainless steel squatting pan, "Now it's over.". This shop has been handed down to me for five generations, and now it will be defeated by me! This How do you say that? Justice and conscience, I have never made a black-hearted money! Some customers died in the shop, and the silver was returned to the owner's house intact-how could they suffer such retribution? As he spoke, his voice changed, and he pulled up his skirt to wipe his tears. "You should have shouted out at that time," he added. "More than a dozen people in this room rushed in and took the prisoner on the spot. How much trouble can you save?" "I was scared out of my mind." The little way said, "then I thought, fortunately I didn't shout at that time.". The people in this room are all brought by Liu Futai, and maybe they will even stew our men in a pot to silence them. I'm still scared when I think of it! Just then, Hao Er came in dripping with water, and the color was not the color. Seeing Boss Shen staring at him in a daze, Hao Er nodded stiffly and gnashed his teeth and said, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Time Delay Tap, "These two thieves are really bold. They are still burning paper in that room and packing up Lord He's luggage." Boss Shen groaned in despair. He sat back and jumped up like a spring. "Five or six of us rushed in, grabbed them on the spot, and beat the drum at the Yamen to report the case. Are you afraid he'll fly?" Xiaolu had always been capable and clever, but now he had completely regained his sanity. Seeing that Hao Er was also eager to try, he hurriedly said, "Never!"! They are a bunch of people. If they turn against us in court, saying that they are black shops, killing officials and framing them, they will kill us immediately! One sentence made boss Hao Er and boss Shen stare. Just when there was nothing to do, there was a sound of footsteps under the corridor outside, as if someone was coming along the corridor with shoes. The three men pricked up their ears and held their breath in alarm. The man poured a cup of tea on the square table outside the shop and drank it, but he didn't leave. He pushed open the door of the West Ear Room and came in. "Boss Shen, who's in the bookkeeper's room?" He asked. Boss Shen looked up in a daze and saw that he was a guest living in the west wing of the main room. He only knew that his name was Qian Du and that he was going to Jinan and passing through Dezhou. Qian Du was wearing a gray poplin jacket and a black silk Mandarin jacket. The buttons were neatly buttoned. Boss Shen asked in surprise, "What's the matter with Master Qian this time? Why did he suddenly want to pay the bill in the middle of the night?" "Yes.". I want to check out. "Qian Duwu is short, with a pair of small black and bright eyes like pepper beans embedded in his black and red Chinese character face, which makes him look particularly shrewd.". He sat down on the bench opposite Boss Shen, took a sip of tea, and said with a smile, "I know all about the shop. I have something urgent to go to Jinan. I can't be sued here." He pointed to the ceiling with his finger. The three men were startled and looked at the ceiling, only to realize that the ear room and the upper part of the west wing were connected, and that the voice could easily be transmitted. Boss Shen thought that there was no reason to implicate the guests. "It's up to you," he sighed. "It's just this storm. How can you walk?" Qian Du said, "Even under the knife, I have to go now.". I don't want to hide anything from you. I was born as a master of punishment. I have been in the Tianzhitai Mansion in Henan for a few years. This kind of lawsuit can't come down for two or three years. I live here alone and I'm not like you. Even if I don't die, I have to take off my skin. Thirty-six stratagems are the best, so let's settle the account. With the recommendation of the current Henan Sun Fuyuan, I want to stand firm in Jinan, and maybe I can help you tide over the difficulties. Xiaolu's eyes lit up and he said, "I know at a glance that you have read a big book. That's really good!"! Thirty-six stratagems are the best way to go. In that case, we'll run away, too! "How easy you say it!" Qian Du chuckled, "You didn't do this case originally. At most, it was just a'witness'. If it was confirmed that he committed suicide, the case would be closed.". As soon as you run away, you will fall into the name of "fear of sin". Liu was so painstakingly designed because he couldn't find a scapegoat. If you run away, won't he just push the boat along and put the charge of murder on you? In a few simple words, he dissected the crux of the matter, and when he heard it, he knew that he was indeed a familiar old official. How many people were willing to let him go? I just begged him to help me make up my mind. Qian Du pursed his lips and said thoughtfully, "I have to walk quickly. I really don't care. Look at the wind,Stainless Steel Toilet China, the rain and the night outside.." "Hao Er, go and tie up Master Qian's luggage. You don't have to pay the bill." Boss Shen saw Qian Du's tone and begged, "At least give advice to the little people. There's a big mule in the shop. I'll give Qian Ye as a foot strength. It's a little filial piety for the little people.." 。 cnkexin.com