The big devil

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Looking up at the front, I found that the Temple of the Demon King was indeed the tallest building in the

Looking up at the front, I found that the Temple of the Demon King was indeed the tallest building in the Black Jade Demon King City. Magnificent Demon King Hall, built like a ferocious demon God standing proudly in the world, from a distance, the momentum of looking down on all living beings is sharp, which makes people feel a kind of inexplicable awe pressure. "Oh!" Han Shuo lightly called out, frowning deeply, this magnificent temple of the Demon King, naturally has a kind of fierce momentum. Clouds of thick black smoke, which were condensed by dark elements, surrounded the temple of the Demon King, which implied the power of defense. Just took a look, Han Shuo can be sure that this temple is not as simple as seen, it implies the power above, must have the power of defensive attack. The smoke, which was as thick as ink, was formed by the condensation of dark elements. Just from the appearance of the Demon King Temple, Han Shuo can be sure that the Great Demon King of Mantikol must be a dark element, one of the eight elements of cultivation. Every time I look at the Temple of the Demon King, I feel awe. That kind of pressure is natural. It's amazing! Zinya looked up at the Temple of the Demon King and murmured in a low voice. With an imperceptible sly smile at the corners of his mouth, Han Shuo said to himself that the Temple of the Demon King had been tampered with by the Great Demon King of Mantikol with divine power. Anyone who is not strong enough to reach a certain realm will not be able to experience the mysterious power around the Temple of the Demon King. As the spiritual leader they believe in, it is estimated that this method can also make them willing to surrender the power of faith. Han Shuo, this place is so grand! Hymana's face was full of admiration. Yes, we finally came to the Demon King City, Hee Hee. It really lives up to its reputation! Silver agreed. In the abyss. Citizens in a certain area cannot easily leave the local area without special reasons. To live in another city. In particular,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, it is not allowed to go from a low-level town to another big city. Therefore, it is natural that two young girls, Hymana and Sylph, including Jiebi, the Lady of the Valley of War, are surprised and excited to come to the Black Jade Demon King City for the first time. All right, Mr. Han Shuo, let's go to the Temple of the Demon King first. You can hang around for a while, and we'll come and take you to him as soon as the Lord has orders! Bird smiled at Han Shuo and explained. All right,Concealed Flush Valve, you're busy. Bodzinya two people, along the way to please Han Shuo, for the two of them, Han Shuo still has some good feelings, in addition, the black jade demon king city is indeed very magnificent, Han Shuo is also a little interested in exploring here, so immediately agreed to the two people's words. Just as they were about to leave, Hymana suddenly remembered something and said hurriedly, "The Black Jade Demon King City is so big. What if you can't find us later?" As soon as the words came out, Zinya giggled and said confidently, "Don't worry, little sister. It's too easy for us to find someone in the Black Jade Demon King City.". What's more, you're all strangers! Mantikol's Dark Guard, like Golander's ace Shadow General, is an organization that answers directly to him, wields great power, and is each a demon. There are not many Dark Guards, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,push button toilet flush valve, but each of them has many subordinates. In the Black Jade Demon King City, the Dark Guards are responsible for the safety of the whole city. Nothing can escape their eyes and ears. So that's it. Heimana listened to Zinya's explanation and said nothing more, with a little more fear in her expression. They had heard of the name of the Dark Guard, which, like the Shadow General, was a terrible institution. In the hearts of some other people in the city of the Demon King, the cruelty of the Dark Guard is no less than that of the Shadow General, and it is also a role that everyone fears. Well, Mr. Han Shuo, you should get familiar with the Black Jade Demon King City first. We need to see your excellency as soon as possible. Bird said hello to Han Shuo, did not continue to say more, and left with Zinya, straight to the temple of the demon king with divine power. Come on, let's take a look around the Black Jade Demon King City. After the two of them left, Han Shuo, with his three daughters, began to wander slowly in the wide and incomparable streets. Black Jade Demon King City is huge, beyond Han Shuo's imagination! Han Shuo's divine consciousness unfolded, and he found that the city of the Black Jade Demon King was at least ten times larger than the city of Orson in the Lancelot Empire on the continent of Chiao, and that all kinds of strange things that had never been seen before were spread all over the area. Many otherworldly creatures, naturally walking in the Black Jade Demon King City, some like rocks, some even like trees, very strange. Jiebi's three daughters were also very curious and chattered all the way. Hymana and Sylph, two young girls, positioned themselves as slaves at the beginning. Therefore, after Jiebi became a Han Shuo woman, they did not feel surprised at all. Instead, they got along well with Jiebi. A line of four people, Han Shuo know nothing about the Black Jade Demon King City, three women are also the first time to come to the Black Jade Demon King City, so they are very curious, look around to see what strange things, will stay to find out, surprised voice from the mouth. Bastard, if you don't stay in your cave, you dare to wander the streets and die! Suddenly, a sullen light drink fell into Han Shuo's ears. Looking along the voice, Han Shuo found five or six alien youths, a thin body, probably only fifteen or sixteen years old teenager forced in a corner, while wantonly abusing the teenager with language, while punching and kicking to beat. The boy had a dull face, curled up to protect his head, and let the young men beat him without saying a word. Heavy kicks, in his body "thump" straight ring, but he calmly bear, but the resentment in his eyes, is so cold to the bone. It can be seen that this young man should have an unforgettable hatred for those alien youths. Just because they have no strength, they can only let them attack without resistance, and firmly protect their minds to prevent being maimed. In any plane, there is no lack of this kind of bullying scene, Han Shuo is not the kind of person who likes to meddle, not to mention here is the abyss, survival of the fittest,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, everyone should adapt. Gradually, the young man with resentful and stubborn eyes seemed to be unable to withstand repeated blows, and his hands could not protect his head. It would not be long before the young man would be killed alive.