No. 3. We eliminate the entire AFC Vs. NFC thing all together

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On the 23rd of May, 2022 two of the accusers of Deshaun Watson appear in HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel to speak out about their experiences with Madden 23 coins the quarterback. Ashley Solis and Kyla Hayes spoke about the alleged abuse they encountered while conducting massage sessions with Watson.

Following the broadcast of the episode, a woman comes forward with new allegations against Watson, bringing the total number of civil lawsuits in the case of Watson to 24 with two more potentially coming. Nia Smith had previously said she was harassed by Watson via social media. However, she chose to not file a lawsuit. However, after the HBO show Smith said she felt compelled to make an official statement.

Smith "was struck by the courage shown by people who wanted to speak up to speak up and was dissatisfied with Watson along with his lawyers' treatment and repudiation of the plaintiffs."Watson's legal team defends him, saying the lawsuit is frivolous . the claims are a lie.

On June 7 the New York Times publishes the deepest, most extensive inquiry into the accusations regarding Deshaun's character. It's called "How the Texans and a spa facilitated Deshaun's problematic behavior" the story details the role Watson's prior team was involved in locating the quarterback's massage therapists, as well claims that the team was aware of accusations against Watson while they were unfolding.

In addition, the account mentions Watson often used non-disclosure agreement -- and that Texans provided Watson with NDAs. Furthermore, the report outlined how Watson's attorney, Rusty Hardin, had deep connections to the Harris County legal system and his authority within the area could have manipulated the process of a grand jury. This report also raised two new accusations against Watson. Following reports from the NYT story, Watson has made the decision to make his Twitter account private and declines to make any further statements.

A person who investigated the investigation is of the opinion that Watson was guilty, regardless of the decision of the grand jury. the testimonies of Houston police detective Kamesha Baker was obtained by Yahoo Sports. In it she details that in buy mut 23 coins her opinion of the past investigations she's worked on, Watson did commit multiple crimes. In her testimony , she explained the distinction between coercion and consent with regard to the massage therapists involved in Watson's case. Watson case. She stated that the size distinction between the quarterback and the women made them scared, she believed in refusing the requests he made toward them.