What is the situation of mobile welding air purifier paste bag?

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one. What is the pulse dust collector "paste bag":

The "paste bag" of the pulse dust collector is a phenomenon and a problem in the use of dust removal bags, and it is one of the reasons that cause the dust removal bag to lose its efficacy. There is no unified definition in the industry. During long-term operation or shutdown, in the working conditions with high humidity or oily substances in contact with the filter material, the dust condenses, adheres or crusts on the filter surface of the dust filter bag or inside the filter material and cannot be removed by the online dust cleaning system. Effectively remove the phenomenon that the running resistance is greatly increased.

After the bag is pasted, the dust is densely covered on the surface of the filter bag, which greatly reduces the effective filtering area of ​​the filter material, the air permeability of the filter material drops sharply, and the running resistance becomes very high, which increases the load of the induced draft fan and causes the energy consumption to rise. In severe cases, the induced draft fan may even be overwhelmed and unable to operate. At the same time, the high pressure drop of the dust filter bag makes the online dust cleaning system frequently clean the dust, which not only needs to consume a large amount of compressed air, but also causes the mechanical strength of the filter material. Serious losses, the service life is greatly shortened. Therefore, if the dust bag is always running in the bag-glued state, the owner will have to pay higher operating costs for the operation of the system. If the bag-gluing problem cannot be solved in time and effectively, the owner will Bags will have to be replaced in bulk.

two. The reasons for the formation of paste bags:

In actual working conditions, the factors that may cause the sticking of bags are more complicated. For specific cases, we must analyze the working conditions of flue gas, dust collector, filter material, operation control and other related factors in order to understand the stickiness. The real inducer of the bag, so that the problem can be avoided and solved.

1. Condensation paste bag:

Under normal circumstances, the operating temperature of the bag filter must be higher than the acid dew point temperature by more than 25K. It is safer for the bag to operate. This is mainly to avoid the occurrence of condensation. When the operating temperature is lower than the dew point, it will form a liquid Water. Liquid water mixes with dust and collects on the surface of the filter bag to form a paste bag.

Calculation formula of dew point: ts=186+20lgψH2O+26lgψSO3 ⑴

where ts is the dew point temperature, and ψH2O and ψSO3 are the volume fractions of H2O and SO3, respectively.

It can be seen that the higher the moisture and sulfur trioxide content in the flue gas, the higher the dew point temperature. This means that the continuous operating temperature of the dust collector must be higher. Due to the limitation of the physical properties of the filter material of the dust filter and the operating economy, the continuous operating temperature of the dust collector must be controlled within a suitable range. If the two cannot be Coordination, condensation will be inevitable. Therefore, water content, SO3 content and operating temperature are the three main factors to determine whether condensation occurs.

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