flat cloth

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Plain cloth means plain weave. Generally, the warp and weft yarns used are the same or not very different, the warp and weft densities are very close, and there is no obvious difference between the front and back sides. The yarn thickness of the branch can be divided into medium plain clot

Thick plain cloth: The warp and weft yarns are 32tex and above (18s) and below, and are spun from low-grade cotton. The texture is relatively rough, and the cloth surface has more neps and impurities, but it has a thick feel and is firm and wear-resistant. It is often used in packaging materials, interlinings and labor insurance clothing materials.

Medium plain cloth: the warp and weft yarns are 31-21tex (19s~28s), 3~3.5 grade cotton.

Fine plain cloth: the warp and weft yarns are 19-10tex (29s~59s), the cloth body is thin, the cloth surface is uniform, the hand feel is soft, and the gram weight is generally 80~120g/m2. It is usually processed into bleached, colored and patterned cloth, which can be used as underwear, smocks, summer outerwear, bedding, printed handkerchiefs and medical rubber base cloth.

Fabric style: fine cloth body is thin; medium cloth body is medium and firm, and coarse cloth body is thick, firm and thick.


Application: shirts and other clothing; accessories single clothes, quilts