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Legomarket LLC review. Lately, some traders in the community are often talking about Legomarket LLC which is working with a trading robot company called Autotrade Gold 4.0.

This robot claims to generate profits of between 10-and 30% per month, with a 100% compound profit system. And this Autotrade Gold robot only trades on gold which in forex has the ticker symbol XAUUSD.

In this Legomarket LLC review, we will discuss several important things, whether this broker is just a scam, or is it safe for investment.
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Legomarket LLC, citing, is a registered company in China. With the company name Lego Market LLC, there is no company address, and there are no regulations that legalize a forex broker.

However, citing from the company website, this broker claims to be located at Griffith Suite Corporate CenterbKingstown, St Vincent, And The Grenadines.

And company claim is regulated by the National Futures Association with NFA ID 0535165 of St Vincent and the Grenadines with IBC license number 239 LLC 2020.

Legomarket LLC Regulation
Regulation is an important part when a trader is choosing a forex or CFD broker. This relates to the legality of the company, meaning that the forex company has a license to operate where each country has its own regulator.

Australia with ASIC, United Kingdom with FCA, Belize has Cysec, America has NFA or CFTC.

According to the official website, this company claims to be regulated by the NFA (National Futures Association) which is an American regulatory body.

But I don’t know the truth, whether this company is really registered with the NFA or just fake information. Because when trying to find the keyword Legomarket, on the official NFA website, there was no information about this company.

Legomarket also wrote down the address at the Griffith Suite Corporate Center Kingstown, St Vincent, And The Grenadines.

Trying to do a search with the address, it was found that the address was asking about the existence of the company because this address is widely used by several financial companies.

From many reviews, giving this address a negative rating is because it is the address of many scammer companies. For me, this Legomarket is quite suspicious too because it is registered with the NFA but is located at St Vincent And The Grenadines.

Customer support
There is no online support option at this company, or via phone contact +1 (343) 3035845.

Again the phone number +1343 is the country code for Canada, this is quite strange too because the company address is in St Vincent and Grenadines, but the phone number used is a Canadian number. You may want to try contacting him if you are curious.

For customer support, Legomarket also doesn’t give much trust, because there is no online support and strange telephone contacts.

With the option of three types of accounts, traders can choose according to their capacity for initial trading capital. However, high leverage of up to 1: 1000 is a strange thing for a broker registered with the NFA because regulations in America that no broker is allowed to provide leverage of up to 1: 1000. Because it’s too risky.

Legomarket LLC trading instrument
I did not find any details of the trading instruments available in this company. Of course, this is again suspicious because most brokers provide information related to the instruments available in the company.

This information is not available on the Legomarket website and only mentions forex instruments, indices, futures, and CFDs.

And no detailed information such as currency pairs, crypto pairs, or indices is offered. It can be said that information related to trading instruments is very minimal.