Writing Reflective Essays - A Complete Guide | 2023

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Reflective essays are primarily about the narration of personal experience.

Reflective essays are primarily about the narration of personal experience. This is an opportunity where you can share your thoughts and opinions without being worried about a rebuttal. This is somehow a liberty for the writer to write at his/her own will. An essay writer just has to streamline events and interpretations and start writing in one go. The writer does not have to worry about citing sources or conducting a prior literature review.


The liberty that the writer has is primarily because the interpretation of an event can never be the same for everyone. Interpretation is not limited and is subject to multiple interpretations. Someone might interpret the same event with a historical interpretation while the same event may be interpreted by another person with cultural interpretations.

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In most cases, when students have to write a reflective essay, they consider it as easy as a knife through the butter. However, this is not the case, as certain considerations must be considered while writing a reflective essay.  Those who prefer to write by themselves and do not want to seek the help of others to write my essay then they must follow the below-mentioned guide so that they can write a reflective essay with perfection. A reflective essay can become equally difficult as other essays if the below-mentioned stages are not fulfilled.


A reflective essay has three fundamental requirements. In the first place, the writer has to narrate the experience of the event. In the next stage, knowledge of the event in the past and present must be jotted down, and then the interpretation of the event by the author. Interpretation is not supposed to be aligned with traditional beliefs rather the author can take a non-conventional stance as well. Along with these fundamentals, the author has to keep in consideration that the purpose of writing reflective essays is twofold i.e., the author himself and the professor who will evaluate. The interpretation might be yours but the tone and writing style must be formal so that it does not leave a negative impression.


While starting a reflective essay, the writer must make sure that the opening paragraph is an attention grabber because personal experiences are greatly dependent on this aspect. A hook statement must be incorporated and if this stage takes some time, then still, there is nothing to worry about. Take time but leave a strong and positive impression on the reader. Throughout the reflective essay, the main focus of the author should be on taking a position and then supporting it with plausible arguments.


So, once an eye-catchy introduction is jotted down then the next phase is to write a reflection of the event but consider a cycle of reflective essay. To make a reflective essay further easier, these 5 stages which start with a description of the essay and conclude with the plan for probable future interpretations.


To further break down this reflective essay cycle, start the narration of the event with a reflective essay with a description. In the description stage, the writer must focus on five aspects. For instance, the author should narrate what actually happened. At least the reader should have a broader understanding of the events that were experienced by the author. While narrating the entire event, the author should also highlight those individuals or the actors that were significant in the unfolded event. Based on these two things, the author must shed light on two other aspects. Those two aspects are the feeling and interpretations of the author. This would give a rough idea to the reader what are the major understandings of the author. Once this stage of the description of events is over, the next stage is to evaluate.


In this stage of evaluation, the author has to focus on the nature of experiences, which can either be good or bad. If the author takes the side, then this is somehow compulsory for the author to materialize his stance with plausible explanations. It is not necessary that everyone agrees with the interpretation but it must be logical. The same goes for bad experiences if the author thinks so. This stage of evaluation is important and the writers of any paper writing service are more concerned about producing quality at this stage. The reasons are quite clear because the author will give details of the events and would talk about every nitty-gritty of the event. Details must also include critical thinking and eyebrow-raising interpretations, that are somehow unconventional or often not discussed. Critical thinking often leads to the judgment and stance of the author and if these aspects are missing then a reflective essay would not be as effective as wished for.


The analysis is the next stage and here the author has to describe what he has learned from that experience. The author must discuss whether this event was significant and resulted in a personality change or not. This would be like a practical difference that the author would leave in the essay.


In the concluding remarks about the event, the author would come up with possible alternate options. The author must focus on the aspect which is why it is important to look for the alternative, primarily by focusing on the efficiency aspect.


If these above-mentioned aspects are considered as a guide and followed in reflective essay writing then there is not even an iota of doubt that your piece of writing would stand out.


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