The name of the rose

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However, we are controlled by a group of foreigners, and the library is no different from that when Odo of Kroni was the dean.

But William looked at them indifferently and told me that this was not a true confession. Then he said what he had said a little while before, this morning, that the great age of repentance was over, and that these were only the means of the missionaries to encourage the faith of the people, so that they would not yield to the desire for repentance, which was heretical and frightened everyone. But I don't see how that makes any difference-if it does. In my opinion, there is no difference between the actions of the two factions, but the attitude of the church in judging these actions will be different. I remember talking to Ubertino. William, no doubt subtly flattered, tried to tell him that there was not much difference between his mysterious and orthodox beliefs and the twisted beliefs of the pagans. Ubertino clearly saw the difference, so he disagreed with William's words. My feeling is that he is really different, because he can see the difference. William gave up his duties as magistrate because he could no longer see the difference. For this reason he could not tell me about the mysterious Dorsino brothers. But then (I told myself) it was clear that William had lost the help of God. God not only teaches man how to see the difference, but also chooses him because he has the ability to recognize it. Ubertino and Claer of Montefalco (who is surrounded by sinners) are still saints because they know how to tell the difference. This alone is sacred. But why didn't William know how to tell the difference? His mind is clear and shrewd, and he can recognize the slightest difference or similarity between two things. As I wallowed in these thoughts, William finished his milk, and suddenly we heard someone greeting us. It was emmaro of Alexandria,Horse weight lbs, whom we had met in the writing room, and I was impressed by the contempt on his face, as if he could never conform to the greed and madness of mankind, but did not think how important the tragedy of the universe was. "Well, brother William, are you used to this madhouse?" "I think it's a place with a lot of scholars and saints,Pi tape measure," William said cautiously. "Yes, the dean has the dignity of the dean, and the librarian also fulfills the duties of the librarian.". You see, up there-- "he nodded upstairs," the half-dead German with the eyes of a blind man listens devoutly to the wild ramblings of the blind Spaniard with the eyes of a dead man. Every morning, the enemy of Christ seems to be coming. They rub parchment all day long, but there is no new writing. We're up here, and they're down in the city. Our monastery once ruled the whole world. You have seen the situation today: the emperor used us to send his friends here to meet his enemies (I know a little about your task, the monks like to gossip, they have nothing else to do). But if he wants to control the affairs of the country, he has to stay in the city. We were busy drying millet and raising poultry, Surveyors tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, and they exchanged a few feet of silk for a few feet of flax, and a few inches of flax for a few bags of spices, which could be sold for money. We guard our treasure, but down below their treasure is piled higher and higher. There are also books, which are much more exquisite than ours. To be exact, everything in the world is changing with each passing day. Why do you think it's the dean's fault? "Because he handed over the library to foreigners and regarded the monastery as a castle shielding the library.". The monastery of St. Benedict in Italy itself is supposed to be a place where Italians decide Italian issues. Now that the Italians don't even have a pope, what are they doing? They trade, they manufacture, they are richer than the king of France. So we have to do the same. We know how to make fine books, and we should make books to supply the universities, and concern ourselves with the affairs of the valley — I do not mean to meddle in the affairs of the emperor, including your tasks, brother William, I mean the works of the Bolognese and the Florentines. From here we can control the route of pilgrims and merchants from Italy to Provence. Our libraries should include works in native languages, as well as finished works by writers who no longer write in Latin. However, we are controlled by a group of foreigners, and the library is no different from that when Odo of Kroni was the dean. "But your dean is Italian." William said. The dean here is nothing. Still contemptuous, Emaro said, "He has a bookshelf in his head, which has been corroded by worms.". He resented the Pope, so he allowed Phradisri to invade the monastery.. Brother, I mean the pagans, those who reject the holy order.. To please the emperor, he invited monks from every monastery in the north, as if we had no good scribes here, and no one in our country who knew Germanic and Arabic, as if there were no rich and generous merchant sons in Florence and Pisa who were willing to enter the order if it might increase their father's prestige and power. But here, the beneficence of worldly affairs is allowed only to the Mesopotamians.. Oh, God, stop my tongue, for I'm going to say something rude! "Is there anything immoral in the monastery?" Asked William absently, pouring some more milk for himself. The friar is a man, too. "But here they are more inhuman than anywhere else," Emaro said. To what I have said: Remember that I did not say it. "Interesting." William said, "Are these just your personal opinions, or are there many people who have the same idea?" Many, many. Many people mourn the loss of Adelmo,horse weight tape, but if another person falls into the abyss, someone will be more diligent in walking around the library, and they will not be unhappy. "I don't know what you mean." 。