Military marriage in the flourishing age

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Zhong Wenbo now finally feels this deeply. The first heavy snow after the Spring Festival came down and lasted for several days.

And Zhan Beicheng can't manage so much, it's a matter of principle! At that moment, he neatly found clothes for her and lifted the quilt without saying a word. A chill immediately came over, and the starry night suddenly woke up for the most part. Be obedient. Hurry up to freshen up and have breakfast. I'll take you out and come back early today. Gently picked up the starry night and let her sit on the edge of the bed, while he quickly tidied up the quilt and soon tidied up the bed. The starry night rubbed his still sleepy eyes, which were still slightly half-closed, and glanced lazily at Zhan Beicheng, only to see that he was already dressed in a formal suit, and estimated where he was going to wander around today. Where's Grandma? What's for breakfast? The starry night asked lightly. Egg, milk, shredded chicken porridge. Why is it an egg again? Didn't you just eat the day before yesterday? I hate drinking milk. Starry night can not help but complain, anyway, every once in a while, she will have a few days to see him are not pleasing to the eye, just like now, like to find fault with him. Zhan Beicheng also did not answer back, let her fool around, because the political commissar told him that pregnant women are like this, now, in this family, she is the biggest, he has to listen to her. Change one tomorrow, hurry to freshen up, or you will be late. Hot water and toiletries are ready for you. Don't dawdle. When Zhan Beicheng saw the starry night still sitting motionless at the head of the bed, he simply sat down next to her and gently touched her head with his big warm hand. Starry night took a breath,indoor endless pool, nodded, slowly put on shoes and was about to walk to the bathroom, while the mobile phone on the cabinet soon shook up. Answer the phone. Starry night scratched his head, reached out and pointed to the mobile phone on the cabinet, and opened his mouth to Zhan Beicheng. Zhan Beicheng quickly picked up his cell phone. Hello A low tone passed over. Starry night only heard a silence, did not say anything, directly turned around, went to the bathroom, and a green figure flashed from his eyes. It's for you. Zhan Beicheng handed her the cell phone, and her black eyes suddenly became a little deep. The starry night frowned slightly and took the phone doubtfully. Hello? Who is it? The tone of indifference is somewhat cold. There was silence for a while,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, and then a cold and deep voice sounded, "Starry night.." "Is that you?" Starry night surprised to raise his head, looked at Zhan Beicheng, Liu Mei wrinkled a little deep, she did not know how Su Muzhe would suddenly call to suppress the doubts in the bottom of his heart, the tone is quite flat, "what's the matter?" Su Muzhe sat firmly in his office chair, holding a cup of fragrant coffee in his hand, his indifferent eyes looking through the clean glass window at the warm sky, his thin lips slightly pursed. I'll hang up if I don't say. A cold voice came. Are you free tomorrow night? Very calm voice, with a touch of emptiness. "I hope you can come to my birthday party." There seems to be a trace of forbearance in anticipation. Starry night was stupefied for a moment, slanted his head to think about it, and then remembered that tomorrow was Su Muzhe's birthday. I, I may not be very convenient. After thinking about it for a moment, the starry night spoke indifferently. She didn't like to go to those parties. Didn't we say we were friends? Su Muzhe smiled in a low voice, with a bitter smile. "Don't worry, you're upstairs. Wang Yu and Yingying are here. Just get together. I'll send someone to pick you up." The starry night was silent. "Tomorrow evening at six o'clock, garden jacuzzi tub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, I will send someone to your company downstairs to pick you up. If you are not at ease, you can come with him. Just in time, you can also be a friend. Moreover, I want to talk to him personally about being a father of a child." Su Muzhe explained, in fact, there is no excessive idea in his heart, just want to see her, because after tomorrow, he estimates that he will rarely return to Z city, Su's career in Europe is also good, he has planned to shift the focus of work there, the next step, the whole family may have to move to Europe, and then come back, may also be a business trip. He did not speak, was silent for a while, and the starry night closed his cell phone. Is it Su Muzhe? Zhan Beicheng lowered his head and looked at the silent starry night. The starry night nodded, "tomorrow is his birthday." Indifferently dropped such a sentence, the person has gone to the bathroom. "If you can't refuse, go and hang up when you come back, and I'll pick you up." Zhan Beicheng sighed, replied, the man had already stepped toward the door. Starry night did not say anything after all, after breakfast, Zhanbei City, as always, sent her to the gate, and then went on for a while, saw two black cars already waiting there, told a few words, also sent her into the car. It is said that when the snow melts, it is the coldest. Zhong Wenbo now finally feels this deeply. The first heavy snow after the Spring Festival came down and lasted for several days. Now it has finally cleared up. The sunshine looks warm, but as soon as he walks out of the room, he feels particularly cold. The ground is wet. There is a thin layer of snow on the two rows of pines and cypresses in the yard. Colorful streamers are blooming in the dazzling sunshine, accompanied by a gentle breeze, shaking and beautiful. Endo Lingzi's injury is also better, after Endo Lingchuan came back, he took all the things directly from her hands, let her rest at ease, of course, Zhong Wenbo this period of time is almost always taking care of her, know that she has almost no relatives here, while appreciating her, Zhong Wenbo also sympathizes with her. In her body as if to see another self, maybe, sometimes, similar experience of people, perhaps more easily attracted together, on weekdays, two people like good friends often drink tea and chat together, Endo Lingzi in the end is also a very underworld origin, injury is also a common thing, so these are classified as small things. Still in that simple and beautiful house, in fact, this house has a very beautiful name, called Fengju,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, is the name of Miyamoto Hui himself, because as long as you look up to the hill over there, you can see the beautiful maple forest.