Spirit of Heaven and Spirit of Earth

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If this spirit is lucky enough, it will be able to grow into a spiritual vein in the future, or it is the atmosphere and fortune.

These four, on the one hand, are short-handed and short-mouthed, and it is not good to fight against Wang Meiling. Second, they really don't like Song Rumei, and most importantly, they don't believe what Wang Meiling said about the summoning ceremony. Anyway, it's just a sacrifice. It's very simple. There are so many stray dogs and cats near the school. Just find one. According to Wang Meiling's prior confession, they secretly got a stray dog to go to the dormitory, cruelly skinned the dog with a knife, and then drew a "magic array" to summon the devil with blood. If the devil is so good to summon, the world will be in chaos, but they use cruel methods to kill the dog, and use the dog's blood to sacrifice, the final result is that the dog has become a fierce ghost. Unfortunately, Song Rumei was about to feed the stray dog before. People in the dormitory don't like Song Rumei, so they never care about what Song Rumei has done. Every day when she is free, she will go to the canteen to buy some leftovers to feed the stray dogs and cats around her. So the ghost of the dog, as soon as he heard that the person they were going to kill was Song Rumei, he struck first and forced the four of them to the top floor. Then the four of them jumped off the building hand in hand. Is the dog like this? Xia Zhiqiu waited for them to finish one word after another, and he translated the whole thing a little in his heart. After all, in their four mouths, they were innocent, lovely and kind. Song Rumei was a shameless bitch, and Wang Meiling was a vicious woman. Xia Zhiqiu made a gesture, and the men nodded: "Yes, that's it." Xia Zhiqiu has some doubts, that is, the ghost dog he saw before, but according to these four people, the dog should know about their jumping off the building, himself. No, I don't seem to have asked myself. Since you are dead, why don't you go to reincarnation? Xia Zhiqiu frowned. "Why did you stay to harm people?"? How many people have you killed in the past two years? "We are unwilling, why we are going to die,304 Stainless Steel Wire, Wang Meiling and Song Rumei have nothing to do?"? We want revenge! Kill Wang Meiling, kill Song Rumei! Song Rumei was guarded by the soul of the dead dog. We had no choice but to kill Wang Meiling first. Wang Meiling was a senior who jumped off the building last year. As soon as the two incidents of jumping off the building came out, the school immediately closed the new building for half a month, and then let the boys live in the lower two floors. Although the four of them have hostility in their hearts, but their own strength can not keep up, these two years can only temporarily lurk, and then devour a few other ghosts, slowly strengthen themselves. It was not until this year that he was able to confuse people, expand the dark side of people's hearts, and then instigate others to commit suicide. The dog has been following Song Rumei for the past two years, and occasionally comes here to have a look and monitor the four female ghosts. The first time someone jumped off the building, the dog failed to stop it because he didn't have time, and the second time it was Xia Zhiqiu himself. When things became clear, Xia Zhiqiu did not show mercy. Just because they killed an innocent man, it can't be good. Besides, if you are stupid enough to trust others and do such a wrong thing, you should be punished. However, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, for the sake of the four of them having lost their lives, Xia Zhiqiu would not beat them out of their wits. While the four were hanging from the tree, Xia Zhiqiu lit joss sticks and candles, bowed three times, and began to sing: "The sorceress of the world, Xia Zhiqiu, asked the ghosts of the underworld to send her. Today, with the help of ghosts and gods, Xia's daughter, Zhiqiu, took down four ghosts who had brought disaster to the world. She also asked the ghosts to send adults to take the ghosts away for trial." Repeated three times, the incense burner behind a sudden black smoke, a moment later, the black smoke condensed into a human form. Xia Zhiqiu took a look and gasped, "Lord Black Impermanence, I didn't expect you to come here in person. Xia's daughter is polite." As he spoke, he hurriedly performed the ancient rites. Of course, it was not the rites used by the ancients, but the specific rituals of their line. Taoists and geomancers, as well as Goddesses, all used this kind of rituals. On the Buddhist side, there is another kind of etiquette. Black impermanence just slightly raised his hand to signal, then floated in front of the four female ghosts, raised his hand, and the chain buckled the four female ghosts. Xia Zhiqiu looked at all feel uncomfortable, because the chain is buckled on the waist, four people's waist, was tied into a person's thigh so thick, this posture is certainly not very comfortable. Hei Wuchang waved his hand to Xia Zhiqiu, then stepped back, and his figure slowly disappeared again, along with the disappearance of the four female ghosts. Xia Zhiqiu watched them leave, and then changed the incense and candles. She had been helped by the spirits here before, and naturally she wanted to give back to the past. The so-called earth spirit is a kind of existence that has spirit and wisdom, but has no body shape, let alone ordinary people, that is, people in Xia Zhiqiu's line are invisible, but they really exist. If this spirit is lucky enough, it will be able to grow into a spiritual vein in the future, or it is the atmosphere and fortune. If you are not lucky enough, it will gradually dissipate, and when it is over, the place will become a dead place. Thank you for your help. "Xia Zhiqiu saluted respectfully and tore the tribute open and sprinkled it on the ground.". Watching the incense burn out in an instant, I couldn't help smiling, and quickly got up to clean up the rest of the things. When she got home, it was almost four o'clock, so she simply did not go to bed. She laid a cushion on the balcony, posed with five hearts facing the sky, and began to run the mental method in the family secret book. When you meditate, you are immersed in it. After Xia Hua got up in the morning, she took a glance, then closed the door and took her wallet to buy vegetables. It was already eleven o'clock when Xia Zhiqiu returned to his senses. Xia Hua was preparing lunch in the kitchen. Xia Zhiqiu stretched and sat cross-legged for a long time. Now he was not even tired at all. She even felt that she was full of strength, and now she could kill a tiger in a circle. Mom, what did you cook? When I was about to go to the kitchen to steal two mouthfuls, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't brushed my teeth and washed my face in the morning,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, so I hurried to the bathroom. Xia Hua said, "I just moved to a new house, and I have a big meal today.". Did you get the job done last night? 。 sxthsteel.com