The Best Veterinarian of Space Rebirth

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The population is abundant, which brings the most fundamental guarantee for the progress of genetic evolution experiments.

A little carelessness, she will disappear in this world forever. Space powers bring her not only surprises, but also half dangers. On the other hand, she feels that everyone should have the right to choose their life. But at the same time, she clearly realized that this standard was not applicable at all times. Or, she can't stop the genetic evolution experiment, but she can do her little to keep more people alive. Just like the 791st regiment, they were subjected to genetic evolution experiments, but none of them died. She does not expect herself to be able to make an earth-shaking event to break through the genetic evolution topic that has been studied for hundreds of years, but to reduce the danger of the experiment as much as possible and make the experiment safer. Lu Shan had long been psychologically prepared for Lu's attitude. Nevertheless, she breathed a sigh of relief and told him in detail what she knew about the secret of the power. Are you saying that all of our powers are not natural awakenings, but are inspired by drugs? Lu Lie quickly accepted the fact, but he also asked a key question. According to Rong Lao, there is no natural awakening of the power, which is the product of experiments, but Lu Shan does not think so. Lu Shan doesn't know exactly what the ingredients of the genetic evolution potion are,dap diammonium phosphate, but it must be related to the giant energy stone. Of course, the poppy growing on the giant energy stone may also play a role. In this case, the stimulation of the power is not entirely related to drugs, which can be judged from the situation in Longyou Village. The underground laboratory is hidden underground in Longyou Village. You should know the history of this village. Longyou Village has a long history and has been abnormal as early as a hundred years ago. The reason why the laboratory was built in Longyou Village is also because of its geographical location. In the final analysis, the abnormality of Longyou villagers lies in the giant energy stone. It can be seen that the main component of genetic evolution medicine should be related to the giant energy stone, but it is not known how they extract and preserve this energy. Chapter 319: Strange Men. Rong Lao has overseas connections, and he did not know how to pass the political examination when he entered the base,caustic calcined magnesite, but since he joined the army, many secrets of the underground laboratory will certainly not be told to him in detail. He himself mentioned that since the genetic evolution experiment triggered the power by chance, the research in the underground laboratory is no longer simply for the sake of family genetic diseases. The strong intervention of various forces has already changed the original intention of genetic evolution research. Lu Shan thought of the long name of Rong Lao's ex-wife, but behind the prominent family background was a complex and difficult force, not only in S country, but also in other countries. Powers represent absolute strength, and countless countries want to get a piece of the cake, including China. But Huaxia and S country do not have too close diplomatic relations, no matter light or dark can not profit from it, but Rong Lao's participation makes up for this defect, Huaxia has a strong team of powers through genetic evolution potions-three battalions. Rong Lao only knows that the power is transformed by the genetic evolution potion, Magnesium Sulphate price ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, but he does not know that the real reason for the power is not the potion itself, but the energy. The energy contained in the giant energy stone is too tyrannical. Although it can change human genes, it is like a powerful medicine. While changing genes, it also hurts the root of the human body. Most people die in the process of receiving energy to change their bodies, and a very small number of people survive, and only one percent of the survivors can inspire powers. It is no exaggeration to say that the birth of every power is the accumulation of blood and bones. The 791st regiment, and the nameless ones she did not know, made the real experiment of the underground laboratory! Rong Lao may have no doubt about the underground laboratory because of his ex-wife's relationship, but he ignored a problem. Even though the underground laboratory is still controlled by his ex-wife's family, after so many years of development and expansion, it has already been infiltrated by many forces. Rong Lao is no longer qualified to contact the core research results. What's more, Rong Lao and his ex-wife have been separated for decades. Are their feelings really as deep as they used to be? Today, 30 years later, if Lu Shan's expectations are good, the underground laboratory should also be managed by Rong Lao's son. Not that Lu Shan does not want to believe in father-son affection, but from all aspects to analyze, although Rong Lao got the genetic evolution agent from the underground laboratory, but simply can not access their core secrets, ultimately just let more people waste their lives. Compared with most countries, what is the most in China? It is the population! The population is abundant, which brings the most fundamental guarantee for the progress of genetic evolution experiments. Thinking of this, Lu Shan secretly hated, but also knew that there was no way to pursue this kind of thing, which was obviously "Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai, one was willing to fight and the other was willing to suffer.". Lu Shan told Lu Lie all about her worries and plans, but she did not say how sure she was that she could make up for the defects of the genetic evolution agent. But clearly told him that the genetic evolution experiment can be carried out, but absolutely can not hide the three camps of people. She also knows the severity of this matter, if the news is really released, what kind of sensation will be generated, this is something she dare not imagine and dare not try. Conceal the public can, but absolutely can not conceal the parties, especially the three battalion people. In this way, no one can tamper with the army any more. As for the others, she had no way to keep everyone away from genetic evolution agents, but she also knew that underground laboratories could not invest a lot of energy in the general population. After all, genetic evolution agents are not cheap, on the contrary, they are very rare and costly. That's enough! Lu Lie naturally knew the importance of it. He thought about it and said,Magnesium Oxide price, "I'm going to talk to Rong Lao. Since he's willing to tell you everything, he doesn't mean to hide it from me.". I will do my best to get all the information about the experiment of the power. He looked at Lu Shan solemnly, his eyes serious and persistent.