Bone-off incense

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It was dark all around. The river was like a dormant mountain. It was silent in the corner.

Shen Mo was silent, indeed, although there was water to relax, but he had never used it before. Because no matter how many women like him, what does it have to do with him? He thinks he is not a gentle and kind person. He never cares about other people's feelings. When he pesters his woman, he says nothing and has a frozen look in his eyes, which is enough to make the other party retreat. How can it be so troublesome to waste so many bottles of relaxation water on Jiang Xiaosi. Again and again, why doesn't it work? Is she a monster? He really loved her and cultivated her as a good seedling, so he didn't want her to be hurt by him, because some messy love things affected the relationship between them. I'm old enough to know what I want, and it's definitely not an impulse. Don't push me too far. Don't take my feelings for granted just because I'm a kid. Try it, okay? Try to accept me, I will not fool around! Shen Mo is still silent, too many things have happened these days, he really has no heart to think about these problems. What are you doing? I found a small body trying to get into bed. I want to sleep with you. "Get off!" Shen Mo is anxious, ignore the image, one foot will kick her out of bed. Jiang Xiaosi hurriedly reached out and hugged Shen Da's heater. I always sleep with my dad at home. It's so cold and scared to be alone. She is smiling and acting like a spoiled child. Shen Mo is burning with anger, really insatiable! "How old are you to sleep with him?!" "You just said I was small!" Jiang Xiaosi pillowed in his shoulder socket and arched like a piglet. Shen Mo was so angry that he had nothing to say. He felt his brain was congested and dizzy. He was so tired that he had no strength to argue with her. I was kissed by her, so I reluctantly let her hold me for another night. When he gets better,fine bubble diffuser, she won't know who her mentor is if he doesn't give her a good beating! Jiang Xiaosi looked at Shen Mo's face with a smile, obviously already asleep, the expression is still a look of anger. The beads in her arms suddenly began to glow slightly, and she was delighted. Dad is finally all right! Just do not know what is the reason or can not directly contact, Kou Dan sister and he should not be in danger together. Her heart was completely settled, holding Shen Mo sweetly, reaching out to touch his thin lips,wall penstocks, recalling the taste just now, and she couldn't help stealing another kiss. Thinking that he had given himself some water to relax before, he felt a little angry. He suddenly had a brainwave and decided to play a prank. The next morning, when Shen Mo woke up, he was the only one at home. Jiang Xiaosi left a note saying that they had news about Jiang Liu, so he went to Miaoyan. Shen Mo looked out of the window, the winter sun was shining, the spirit seemed to be particularly good, it seems that his cold has begun to recover. I got up to wash up, and then I heard an angry roar in the bathroom. Jiang-Xiao-Si! Shen Mo in front of the mirror was full of murderous look, and four words were printed on his forehead in a very discordant way. Jiang, Xiao, Si, Yin. She actually! How dare she stamp his forehead with the seal he carved for her! I don't know what kind of liquid medicine I use, Belt Filter Press ,MBR reactor, and I can't wash it off! Jiang Xiaosi sneezed three times in Miaoyan. With a sad face, alas, it was her turn to catch a cold. Peace is a blessing Jiang Liu has not fallen from a high place, but at the same time there are so many boulders, coffins, weapons, treasure chests and unknown objects falling from the top, that is another matter, and more importantly, a flower girl. He accelerated his fall like a sharp arrow, but accurately changed the line to dodge the falling object. In the darkness, his eyes flashed red and he could see everything clearly. He saw that he was about to reach the copper coin, but he caught a glimpse of Shen Kou Dan who had fallen down, so he had to turn it over temporarily. The hand borrows the strength on the stone which falls together, bounces high, hugs Shen Kou Dan to the bosom. He watched the copper coin gradually disappear from his sight and fall into a void of darkness. He still did not give up holding Shen Kou Dan and continued to chase him. Shen Kou Dan's face was green, and she didn't know what the copper coin was, and how important it was to the river? "Be careful!" A stone fell behind him. Jiang Liu only a little bit to reach the copper, how willing to let go, also do not care to dodge, one hand will hold Shen Kou Dan firmly in his arms, the other hand finally grabbed the copper. However, the heavy blow of the huge stone made him spurt blood, and the copper coins slipped from his hands again and fell into the bottomless abyss. Unable to catch up, the river took a deep breath and saw a protruding platform on the cliff. He jumped and fell on it. The giant objects still fell one after another. He rolled sideways and dodged, and rolled into a narrow hole beside him. With a few more bangs, the hole was just sealed by falling rocks. Shen Kou Dan some shock gasping, she felt that her brain was just in the water, the river is a zombie ah, even if it falls down is not necessarily something, their own body, but will drag him down. But at that time, why was he so worried and impulsive that he jumped down regardless of anything? My heart seems to be broken, and now I'm afraid to think about it. She looked around, looking for the river. It was dark all around. The river was like a dormant mountain. It was silent in the corner. In the cave, she could only hear her own breathing and heartbeat. The river flows. Jiang Liu raised his head, and Shen Kou Dan suddenly saw a pair of blood-red eyes and was startled. The copper coin. "Xiao Si's mother gave it to me." Jiang Liu spread out his palm and looked at it, but he didn't expect that others couldn't keep it, even a small copper coin. I'm sorry Shen Kou Dan listened to his answer, roughly understood the identity of Xiao Si as a zombie, and vaguely guessed the unusual relationship between Jiang Liu and Xiao Si's mother. It's all right. If you lose it, you lose it. It's just an external thing. It's relatively safe here. I'm a little tired. I'll sleep first and try to take you out later. Jiang Liu did not ask her why she jumped down together, Shen Kou Dan secretly relieved,filter nozzle, she did not know how to answer, the answer himself did not know. Jiang Xiaosi confirmed that Jiang Liu and Shen Kou Dan had nothing to do and breathed a sigh of relief. He left Baili Street and called Li Yueyi excitedly to ask her out. They sat in a coffee shop and ordered two glasses of soda. Xiao Si, why are you here? I want to go to McDonald's to eat hamburgers. Li Yueyi looked at her with big watery eyes and a straw.