Wesley Forgery 03 (The Great Conspiracy)

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Wesley Forgery 03 (The Great Conspiracy)Wesley Forgery 03 (The Great Conspiracy)

Xiaoguo arrived at the designated room, but there was no one inside. This once again made him feel very unhappy, thinking, I have traveled thousands of miles to meet you, a strange woman, at least, you should be waiting for me here, but waiting for me is another phone message. At that time, he made up his mind to wait for thirty minutes, and when thirty minutes came, if no one came, he would leave immediately. But thirty minutes later, no one came. Xiaoguo originally wanted to walk away, then thought, tens of thousands of kilometers I also ran, 30 minutes I also waited, why rush in a moment? I'd like to see what kind of game this woman is playing. At this thought, he made up his mind and simply lay down on the bed. He had no idea when and how Princess Dima had come in, and when she began to speak to him, he saw that she was standing in front of him. At that time, he looked at her, which really made him laugh and cry. Princess Di's dress was extremely ordinary, even old-fashioned, which reminded him of a word commonly used by Chinese people: village girl. Princess Dima seemed to see what was on his mind. She sat down first and asked him, "It surprised you,Inflatable meltdown, didn't it?" Xiaoguo was really taken aback, but when she opened her mouth, she spoke very pure American English, which surprised him again. It never occurred to him that a woman as rustic as she was could speak such pure English. Princess Dima continued: "I said I would tell you my identity as soon as we met, but seeing you like this, when I tell you my identity, you will be even more surprised.". I am Princess Dima. For a moment, Xiaoguo's head failed to turn around, so he asked,inflatable floating water park, "Who do you say you are?" She said, "I am Princess Dima." Then she said the name of the country. At that time, Xiaoguo was not surprised, but wanted to laugh out loud. He wanted to say, "If you were a princess, then I would be the president of the United States." Princess Dima has a very strong observation, she just looked at Xiaoguo, immediately know Xiaoguo did not believe her words, at that time, she even a little regret, their painstaking efforts to find this person, will not be a pleasant to hear but not useful embroidered legs? But now that he was here, I had to try him and say to him, "I know you don't believe me, but I don't have much time for you to figure out these questions.". Here's my passport. You can see for yourself. Guo took her passport, which confirmed that she was indeed Princess Dima. He just glanced at the passport and then walked around the room. "I can tell you that the passport is a fake and I paid for it," said Princess Dima. Guo did not look at the passport again, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable water park factory, but returned it to her, and then said to her: "What you want to entrust me is about your husband. In my impression, he seems to be Prince Pedra, right?" As soon as he said these words, Princess Dima immediately had a feeling that she had found the right person, but she dared not say it easily, but asked him: "Why do you say that?" Xiaoguo walked a few steps in the room: "In fact, this is very simple, you as a princess, the status of the high, in addition to the prince himself, can be said to be unsurpassed, such as your status.". It can be said that it is easy to do anything, so why do we have to take so much trouble? So, there's only one possibility. You're trying to hide it from someone. If your husband knows what you are doing now, you can easily hide it from anyone except him without going to so much trouble. If your husband doesn't know that you're meeting someone like me in your country, you can't hide it from him. So there's only one person you have to hide from, and that's your husband. Hearing this, Princess Dima stood up and said, "I am very glad to find you.". But, because of my special status, I can't stay here for a long time, and because there are many things that I can't say to you face to face (her words imply the part about privacy, which is really a very embarrassing thing to say to a stranger, and at the same time, she said it without reservation, which shows that she is different from others and that a woman who can do this. I have recorded on this tape what I am about to entrust to you and the special way to contact me, and you will understand what is going on when you listen to it. These are your current expenses. How will you be paid later? You can tell me in due course. Guo took her tape and a traveler's check, and Princess Dima shook hands with him and left. After she left, Xiaoguo began to listen to the tape. At that time, he was lying on the bed with headphones, but after listening to a few words, he jumped up from the bed. Of course, what he heard has been fully described above, and I will not repeat it here. After knowing the whole process of the matter, Xiaoguo contacted Princess Dima once according to a special method and told her: "I accepted your commission." Princess Dima said, "Well, I'm not wrong about anyone.". From now on, you destroy that tape, and then you can act. I can't give you any more help. Take care of yourself. When Xiaoguo heard her say this, he saw more clearly that this woman did have a delicate heart. Later, when Xiaoguo introduced the whole thing to me at my home, it was the time when we came back from Tianyi Manor. Before that, Bai Su, in order to save Hongling and me, had been in high spirits all the time. He had not slept for almost forty hours. If he had been twenty years ago, of course, it was not the same thing. But now, after all, age is not forgiving. She was highly nervous and physically exhausted, so she went to sleep as soon as she came back. Xiaoguo asked me to remove the red silk because what he wanted to tell involved the secret of the room, which was naturally not suitable for children. In this conversation, there should have been a third person, Princess Dima,Inflatable mechanical bull, the protagonist of this matter. However, things are so special that Princess Dima's identity decides that she can't disappear mysteriously for too long, so she has to leave a cryptic phone call to Xiaoguo's company and return home. joyshineinflatables.com