Qing Yu NianQing Yu Nian

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Qing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu NianQing Yu Nian

Borrow seeds, since there are no seeds to take root and sprout, it doesn't matter. The gloom in Fan Xian's heart has long dissipated, men are often like this, having sex with women is really nothing, even in this passive situation, can still comfort themselves into enjoyment. Suddenly I thought of Ye Qingmei. The cycle of cause and effect, retribution is not good! Fan Xian smiled helplessly, thinking to himself that he was not as good as his mother, but at least in some way he had finally reached a draw with his mother-everyone had slept with an emperor. Subconsciously, he did not think that his own experience was much more miserable than his mother's means. He patted his numbed buttocks heavily, and left the secret room of the Control yuan with some fear and some helplessness. Sitting on the carriage to the palace, Fan Xian took the special pencil of Neiku, thought carefully for a while, and then wrote a line of words on the white paper. I know what you did last summer. Then he sealed the letter and gave it to Mu Feng'er, asking him to take it to the secret courtyard in the west of the city and give it to Wang Qinian. Fan Xian's confidants had long been accustomed to Lord Tisi using the secret channels of the Control yuan to write love letters to girls in the north, so Mufeng did not feel strange. Fan Xian looked at the figure of his departure, could not help shaking his head, Wang Qinian naturally knew who he was writing this letter to. But this is not a love letter, nor is it written to Begonia alone, but to the home of the three girls. He was cheated by the other side. Now that the reaction has come over, it is natural to seek some benefits, at least spiritual benefits,liquid bottle filling machine, first of all, to write a letter, write a line, and intimidate the other party. With the wisdom of the little emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty, he could certainly understand what he meant. Fan Xian played with the thin pencil head with two fingers, then put it into the upper pocket of the lotus coat, shook his head, and suddenly thought of one thing. The little emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty personally presented the golden osmanthus sachet to the eldest princess before she went to the country. Could it be that with her intelligence and careful mind. If you can't guess the unique fragrance in the world, what will you guess? His brow furrowed. Thought,water filling machine, could it be that the spring breeze once the female emperor, deep in the heart of their own also have a little concern, can not bear to hide, so find a way to remind themselves? He felt as if he had thought too much, sighed, and stopped thinking. "I should have guessed that people who are so obsessed with the story of the stone …" he said to himself. It can't be a man. ———————————————————— The imperial study was already full of people. Fan Xian stood at the bottom with an embarrassed face. As soon as he entered the imperial study, he was scolded by His Majesty the Emperor of Qingguo. Naturally, he had no honor to sit down. Some of the civil and military ministers in the room may feel schadenfreude. But it is clear that the more your majesty scolds, the more he spoils Fan Xian. So they dare not show their happy emotions on their faces. Fan Xian knew that he should be scolded, involving military affairs, but he delayed so long to enter the palace, let the palace find themselves several, so do not know the importance, regardless of state affairs, it is no wonder that the emperor would be so angry. But in Fan Xian's view, what he wants to investigate today is a family matter, water bottle packaging machine ,CSD filling line, but in fact it is also a state matter, but this matter must not be spoken to people, only stuffy in the heart, scolded and silent. He did not say a word, but he forgot to apologize, so the emperor's expression did not improve, and he put him in a cold place with a cold hum. The emperor called Fan Xian into the palace today, originally thought to be looking for an opportunity, let him contact Qingguo to deal with emergencies when the high-level decision-making place, there is a meaning of teaching, but Fan Xian came so late, naturally let the emperor some unhappy. The discussion had already begun, and it was initially decided to let Ye Chong lead three hundred miles westward, to suppress the nerves of Xihu, and at the same time to let Yan Xiaoyi, the viceroy of the Northern Qi Dynasty, return to the north ahead of time, in order to resist the arrogance of Uesugi Tiger, a powerful general of the Northern Qi Dynasty. There are also some specific logistical problems, Fan Xian did not listen to a word, just know that the emperor finally promised to himself, Yan Xiaoyi will be driven away, and Ye Chong. Fan Xian looked up subconsciously and saw the second military general sitting on his right hand. The military general was not tall, but a little fat and strong. His eyes drooped and seemed to have no spirit. He only occasionally looked at Fan Xian with far-reaching vision. This is Ye Linger's father, the former garrison of Kyoto, and now the viceroy of Dingzhou, Ye Chong. Fan Xian looked at him with a gentle smile, suddenly heard Yao eunuch has read the decree, heard how the seven years of Qingli and so on, his heart was startled, this just remembered that the New Year has passed, the story happened in the small temple. It should be in the summer of the year before last, not last year. After the emergency meeting in the imperial study, the emperor left Fan Xian behind, no longer scolding him, but staring at him with his eyes. Fan Xian knew that he had made a mistake today, and it was not convenient for him to play the hard part again. With a wry smile, he pleaded guilty. The emperor frowned and said, "Weren't you in Prince He's mansion before?"? Where did you go later? Fan Xian answered with a smile, "There was a sudden emergency in the courtyard, so I rushed over to deal with it." The emperor was unhappy and said, "What can we do to get ahead of the border?" "It's news from the north," said Fan Xian, his face unchanged. "Uesugi Tiger has been ordered to go south, three hundred miles from Yanjing.. However, he did not get QinBing. The emperor looked a little pale and said, "So that's it. It's rare for the little emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty to dare to use the mountain tiger.." Just three hundred QinBing dare not pull out, it seems that the mind is just so so. Fan Xian secretly said, there are many people who have been emperors in the world, but there are few colleagues like you who are so confident that they are perverted. The emperor then asked a few words of gossip about the gathering with the prince's palace, and seemed to be very satisfied with the big prince's move. Fan Xian heart slightly Rin, know the second said right,liquid bottle filling machine, although the emperor Lao Tzu pick their sons to fight, but still do not want their sons to suffer unacceptable damage. After saying a few words, Fan Xian's restless appearance was seen by the emperor and he was driven out. gzxilinear.com