Break the sky

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Break the Break the skyBreak the skyBreak the skyBreak the skyBreak the skyBreak the skyBreak the skyBreak the skyBreak the skyBreak the skyBreak the skysky

Is the Emperor of Soul really coming? Do they want to attack the ancient people? Ember sink track, words out, even he himself is a frown can not help but wrinkle, the ancient race is not as good as other ancient races, even if the soul race out of the nest, I am afraid it is very difficult to exterminate it like the Eldar. Gu yuan did not answer, his eyes just solidified in that space, and with his quiet, this originally noisy and unusual mountain range, is also a moment of silence, faintly, as if you can hear the sound of a heart beating rapidly, if the soul clan really appears, everyone knows what kind of scene will appear today.. That scene will be far from the battle of the medicine clan. Silent heaven and earth, lasted for about a few minutes, but no one dared to relax, a line of eyes, staring at the space, and when this silent gaze, again lasted for a few minutes, the empty space, finally suddenly ripples, at the same time a light laugh, slowly spread. Gu yuan, I haven't seen you for many years, but your perception is still so keen. The appearance of this voice, directly let all the ancient clan strong slowly slightly bow, the fighting spirit in the body, like a flood roaring and moving, as long as there is any movement, like a rainstorm offensive,bottle blowing machine, will immediately erupt! Space waves, a whirlpool slowly formed, immediately inside the whirlpool, a slightly slender palm out, against the top of the whirlpool, a figure, slowly out, and finally appeared under everyone's gaze. Walking out of the whirlpool, the figure was dressed in gray and white clothes. He looked about thirty years old. His face was handsome, and his eyes were unusually bright, as if he could penetrate people's hearts. This person gave people a sense of first sight,PET blowing machine, which was a kind of elegance. If he had a book in his hand, he would be like a scholar. However, it is this man who looks as weak as a scholar, in the moment of appearance, but let the thunder win, the two people's faces are extremely dignified, even the ancient yuan, the eyes are condensed on his body. Is he the head of the Soul Clan, the Emperor of Soul Heaven? Looking at this scene, Xiao Yan was stunned, apparently unable to connect this seemingly gentle and refined person with the most bizarre and gloomy forces on the mainland. After the appearance of this person, in the whirlpool behind him, there are several figures out, the leading one, all around the black inflammation, impressively is the day Xiao Yan had seen in the medicine clan nihility swallowing inflammation, behind him, the so-called soul clan four demons, unexpectedly is also all to follow, so line-ups, looking at the mainland, I'm afraid it's extremely difficult to find out the second batch.. And with the appearance of these people, water filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, all the ancient elders, the face is tight up, a line of defensive mask rising from the mountains, suddenly, the brilliance staggered, it is very colorful. Ha ha, today's ancient clan, can be really lively, Guyuan, Lei Ying, Yan Ember, the four of us, perhaps there are thousands of years have not been together again? In the sky, for the countless defensive shields rising below, the man in the white shirt smiled slightly and his voice was soft and authentic. "This is not the place for you to come, Emperor of Soul." Gu yuan gazed at the man in the white shirt and said slowly. There is no place I shouldn't go between heaven and earth. As soon as the Emperor of Heaven smiled, the two of them seemed to be chatting about their daily life, which was extremely insipid. Is the disappearance of the three clans of Soul Heaven, Spirit, Stone, and Medicine the result of your soul clan? Lei Ying snapped, although he knew some secrets, but he still wanted to ask. Some answers can be clear in mind. Soul Heaven Emperor smiled carelessly, eyes slowly swept below, who was swept by his eyes, a chill is unable to contain from the depths of the soul, although the eyes seem peaceful, but in that peace, it is surging with no emotional cold, as if, in his eyes, all things in the world are like dirt. Sure enough, you did it! Hearing this answer from the Emperor of Soul Heaven, the complexion of Lei Ying and Yan Ember became gloomy in an instant. In those days, the last spirit swallowing king of the spirit swallowing clan should have been swallowed up by the nihility swallowing inflammation, right? And this should also be the reason why the soul clan has continued to the present? Gu yuan suddenly looked at the figure wrapped in black behind the Emperor of Heaven and whispered, "If I had known that, I would have solved you.." "Hey, Gu yuan, you think highly of you too much. It's true that you could defeat me, but if you want to destroy me completely, I'm afraid you don't have that ability!" Hearing Gu yuan's words, the figure suddenly writhed with black inflammation. "And thanks to you," he said with a strange laugh, "if it hadn't been for this thousand-year retreat, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to reach the level of the nine-star Dou Sheng!" As soon as the words of nihility swallowing inflammation came out, almost all the people present, except Gu yuan, changed their faces. The nine-star fighting saint is the most top-notch existence between heaven and earth. In this way, doesn't the soul clan have two nine-star fighting saints? "He is actually the strength of the nine-star Dou Sheng." Xiao Yan's complexion is also gloomy at the moment down, two nine-star Dou Sheng, this is the ancient clan, can not be compared, no wonder this nihility swallowing inflammation can take people directly to destroy the medicine clan, originally his strength has been strong to this point. I know this from the fact that you can swallow the space of the medicine clan into your body. Gu yuan said lightly, "It's just the beginning of the Nine Stars Fighting. If I have a chance, I will seal you forever." "Maybe you'll never get this chance." The Emperor of Soul chuckled and said. Emperor of Soul Heaven, you suddenly led the people here today. If you want to attack my ancient people, perhaps these people are not enough. The ancient yuan Dynasty still appears to be calm, and the bearing of the head of the clan is undoubtedly revealed. Well, it's not enough. The Emperor of Soul Heaven nodded with a smile, but there was no petal. Below, Xiao Yan slightly frowned at this scene, although the soul clan and others appeared, but there is no sign of starting, but he also understood in his heart, these guys,juice filling machine, absolutely impossible to do this useless move, they do so, must have their purpose.