Your horizon and my Cape

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Your horizon Your horizon and my CapeYour horizon and my CapeYour horizon and my Capeand my Cape

Why did you skip class and come here? Don't girls like to go shopping? Because spring is coming! ——” You see, the spring breeze is blowing now. Do you know that you should be good at discovering beauty? Students should combine work with rest, teachers should be careful and considerate, and timely organize a series of collective activities such as spring outing and picnic. Not only is he not in the wrong, but he has a very good reason to see what else he has to say. Can not hide the smile to the fundus, such as the spring breeze in March. Then let's go for a spring outing! "Huh?" Handsome boy, your acceptance ability is too strong. As soon as the theory comes out, you put it into action immediately. What efficiency is it? Where to go The minute-step trot followed the striding meteor. A place full of memories! "Underground arcade shop?" The first reaction in the mind: Some male is speechless: "How do you think of this kind of thing all!" Insert a bookmark The author has something to say: I especially like "right there waiting". I believe everyone has heard it. I was moved by the piano self-playing and self-singing version of An Qixuan's handsome boy, which is affectionate. Richard Marx is the world's greatest master of writing love songs, and it's been a full decade since he had one or two beautiful love songs on every album, starting with the original "Hold On To The Nights" and "Endless Summer Night." On the contrary, the passage of time shows the eternity of true feelings in songs. Another of his world-class hits, "Now And Forever," which was no less brilliant than "Waiting Here," brought Richard Marx's career to a new peak in 1994. "Until I Find You Again," from Richard Marx's 1997 album Flesh and Bone,ultrasonic molten metal, topped the charts amid a flurry of alternative and dance music, proving once again the timeless appeal of love songs. Your End of the World and My Cape Chapter 7 Spring Outing Alma Mater Chapter Words: 4259 Updated: 08-07-28 01:12 H Middle School-Old Campus. I spent my junior high school and senior high school here, and so did Wen Ran's whole middle school years. When I was a sophomore in high school, the whole high school moved to the new campus of the development zone, but compared with the new campus, I have deeper feelings for the old campus. I haven't been to the old campus for three years. The original Fengshui Treasure Building in the north courtyard has been demolished and replaced by a 20-storey comprehensive building. The Yifu Building has been renovated. A barren open space near the stadium in the south courtyard has been converted into a greenhouse. In winter,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, there are flowers that I can't say are planted in it. It looks very warm; The small shops on both sides of the school are closed; but the third grade kid has started school, the whole campus is quiet, originally the middle school is in the south courtyard, now the south courtyard is empty, except the gymnasium and canteen are still in use. Alas! Holding my cheek, I looked at the empty teaching building of the south courtyard and sighed with emotion, "Wen Ran, why don't we use these classrooms to open an English tutorial class? You go to class, and I'll collect the money. The money you earn is good." He gave me a white look. "Can you be serious?"! This is my memory! Going back to my alma mater is a very serious thing, and the atmosphere is really not suitable for jokes. Climbing to the top floor of the South Courtyard Building, in front of the door with Class 3 of Junior Three, he pointed to the dusty table on the left of the first row and said to him, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic welding transducer, "This is where I was in the third year of junior high school, where I could see the highest TV tower, and I could also see the old man playing chess and the old woman drying clothes in the back family area, and I could smell the smell of stewed hens!" "It's a pity that there's no one left now. It's estimated that the South Courtyard Building will be demolished!" He was very sorry. "Maybe I was the first and the last one to sit there. To be honest, I don't feel sorry, even a little lucky-think about having a table to accompany you for three years. Although it's the same place, you've seen different scenery for three years. It's familiar but not boring. That kind of memory belongs to you alone.". Whether it is the idle time in the first year of junior high school or the busy and full time in the third year of junior high school, I always know that I belong here. The significance of the old campus to me is that it makes me feel a sense of belonging and reassurance. The new campus, although beautiful, often makes me feel flustered, just like my present university, which always makes me feel that I will leave one day. Dependence on a place, in fact, it's hard to say why-just like my feeling outside B, I feel that I belong to her, and when I think of her, I feel like I want to return. "Why aren't you outside B?" Dizzy, ask me such a stupid question. Originally thought that the score was not enough, in order to be safe, I filled in Z big, but as soon as the score came down, I cried to repeat. "Why didn't you hold on a little longer?" "No confidence, at that time all the teachers advised me to keep the bottom line, although not willing to follow-such a fact happens to hundreds of candidates every year, teachers are not easy, think about it, can not blame anyone, can only say that their luck is relatively bad!" Walking from the south courtyard to the north courtyard, he pointed to the comprehensive building and asked Wen Ran, "Did you start building this when you graduated?" "No, the class was still in a two-story building." He is very sure. The building in your senior year of high school was called Fengshui Building. It was said that there would be at least 20 B students in the class. You demolished it as soon as you graduated. As a result, the whole army was wiped out in the second year of high school, which made people panic. Later, it was said that the school immediately decided to move the high school to the new campus after inviting a geomancer to see it. He laughed, very incredulous, "I wanted you to see my high school classroom, but now it's gone,ultrasonic spray nozzle, so go to the junior high school classroom and have a look!" Yifu Building, which turned out to be the middle school before the school's enrollment expansion, is now exclusive to the first grade of junior high school.