The whole world is at my feet.

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The whole world is at my feet.The whole world is at my feet.The whole world is at my feet.The whole world is at my feet.

"You said Wen Rujin?"? The one who speaks Tibetan? Of course I remember him! At the concert, he sang a section of "Jianjia" in Tibetan translated by himself. Later, at the request of the Tibetans, he sang a section of Ashima, which was very good! Teenagers will say, "Of course I know him!"! He's a myth, okay? Unsurpassable myth, because of him, my junior high school must recite ancient poetry, high school must recite ancient poetry is not a nightmare! Some old people are at a loss: "Oh, do you mean to play the first emperor?"? I know, I know. That's our local kid. He's so awesome. He's a big star. Ah What? You said he wasn't local? Nonsense, he can speak our local dialect and sing our folk songs. "I didn't know him, but some people, if you know them, you have to like them. If you like them, you can't forget them. I can't help it." I am engaged in jewelry design in Xiuxian Realm. The man named Wen Rujin is the most spontaneous person in this circle. He wanted to be a star, so with the help of his family's huge strength, he easily entered the circle and stood in a high position that most people could not stand for more than ten years. He did not like to wronged himself, so he never acted as a public persona,ultrasonic cutting machine, whether in public or in private, he was free and easy to be himself. He wanted to act, so he had a milestone in the history of China's film and television drama-Proton. He wanted to hold concerts, so he rented numerous stadiums all over the country. He wanted to sing for the ancients and sages, so he sang all the poems and songs that had been shining in the long history for thousands of years. "I just do what I like to do," he said. He said: "For me, fans are little angels. People have to work hard to do what they want to do in their life. I hope that one day, like me,ultrasonic extraction cbd, you can say no to the people and things you hate." "But as we all know, it's too hard," he said. "So in order to be able to one day not bow to the people and things you hate, start fighting now. Study hard, try to enrich yourself, try to achieve a better you, then you can be closer to me, you will find that you love yourself more and more. So the rebellious star-chasing teenagers gritted their teeth and returned to the classroom. I do not love learning, I hate my parents always talk about learning, but Wen Wen said that learning is only a means, and knowledge is to let him meet a better stone to pave the way for us. With the determination to meet their idols in order to achieve a better self, they are immersed in hard study. But many years later, looking back, I found that, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, in fact, all this should only be for the achievement of a better self, and only for myself. After the national tour, Wen Rujin was at the height of her fame. Advertisements, endorsements, announcements, TV scripts, movie scripts.. Snowflakes flew to him. At home and abroad, his fans are all over the world. Overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese sing "Elegy can be wept, distant view can be angelica", vaguely drinking with the immortal soul of the ancients, as if with their relatives far away from home, separated by mountains and rivers, soul blending. But in such an opportunity, which was about to put him on the altar and could make countless people lose their reason and fanaticism, he easily lost it. Wen Rujin announced her withdrawal from the circle! "What is the secret of the rush to retire?" "The situation is very good, foreign major concerts, shows have invited Wen Rujin to attend, Wen Rujin, who is about to become an international superstar, has to quit the circle!" "Shocked!"! Wen Rujin's fans collectively protested against her withdrawal from the circle and even threatened to jump off a building. "How ferocious are the terrible, brainless fans?"? Even Wen Rujin's positive guidance all the way can't stop them from dying? …… Wen Rujin held a press conference and made her final speech coldly and firmly under numerous shutter flashes. I'm going to quit the circle. The news is true. The reporters in the audience asked questions crazily, buzzing like a group of huge wasps. But they do not quiet down, Wen Rujin no longer say a word. In contrast to the eagerness and fanaticism of journalists, Wen Rujin's indifference and indifference are so incompatible. At least five minutes later, the noisy reporters finally reacted, so Wen Rujin went on. Of course, he just talked about what he wanted to say according to the established plan. He didn't want to answer any of the reporters' questions. I've always been self-willed, and I've made it clear that I only do what I like to do, so I entered the circle, but now, I don't think it's attractive to me anymore, so I quit the circle. It's as simple as that. "My fans are all little angels who love to learn and love life. They can never threaten me by jumping off a building. Isn't love supporting me to do what I like to do, but forcing me to bow to what I don't like?" "If someone really jumped off a building under the banner of my fans, then let her jump. I can conclude very clearly that this person is not my fan.". It can only be a selfish, inhuman and illegitimate meal that ignores morality and law. "If a person doesn't cherish his own life, then I don't believe that this kind of person will really like another person, so don't say that he likes me as a fan, I'm sick." You don't even love yourself, but you still love me? Tell me yourself. Do you believe it? The consequence of suicide is that you can no longer see the world and push all the people who love you and care about you to hell, but I'm sorry I'm not in this group of people, I'll just look on coldly, I won't even watch the news.. “…… There is no meaning, no matter what those people will do, I still only do what I like to do,sonicator homogenizer, no one can stop me. If your life is not worth cherishing to you, it will be worthless to me. "I'm not going to die, and I can't understand why I quit the circle and make a lot of noise." "To my fans: Thank you for your love and support all the time. I hope to see you better next time we meet." 。