Go through the Qing Dynasty to be an emperor

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Go through the Qing Dynasty to be an emperorGo through the Qing Dynasty to be an emperorGo through the Qing Dynasty to be an emperor

On this point, a consensus was quickly reached in the Kremlin that the National Security Council would have full authority to carry out an assassination plan code-named "Voron" and send a special task force to Rostov to kill the traitor Ferosov. Soon, however, another problem arose, that is, since the matter was to be handled by the Safety Committee, who could be the main executor of the plan? Logically speaking, the current first secretary of the Security Council is Vasily, and he should be the first commander in this matter. But now he is still in Yaroslavl, and basically, Blyukher is working to eliminate him, so this plan can not be handed over to him in any case. To this end, he proposed that Abakumov be transferred back from Holchui and that he be the main planner and executor of the plan. To Blyukher's surprise, his proposal this time was unanimously approved by the high command, and no one opposed him,thermal imaging camera, even Stalin himself. Only at the moment of the show of hands, Blyukher missed the flash of pity in Stalin's eyes and the schadenfreude on the faces of Yakir and others. On the second day of the meeting, a news that shocked the Kremlin came from the east. After half a month of silence, the Second Military District of West Siberia, which had been tormented by Abakumov,digital signage screen, finally had an accident. Who is in charge of the ups and downs: World War III (Closing Volume) Chapter 1351 Razukov At four o'clock on the morning of March 17, a riot broke out in the 419th Independent Infantry Brigade under the Second Military District of West Siberia. The soldiers of the brigade rushed out of their barracks and seized the weapons depot of the logistics reserve warehouse in one fell swoop under the cover of darkness. Then they exchanged fierce fire with the supervisors who had heard the news. The riot of the 419th Independent Infantry Brigade was only a prelude to an organized armed riot, and in the next two hours, the subordinate units of the whole Second Military Region eventually evolved into a soldier riot throughout the Second Military Region. By 8 a.m., the entire Second Military Region had completely fallen into the hands of rioting soldiers, and a full-scale martial law was imposed on the military region. A large number of investigators attached to the Security Committee were arrested and detained. Then, with lightning speed, two armored brigades raided Abakumov's office headquarters in Horchui, seized Abakumov, who was having breakfast, and put him in a closed house. The news of the riot in the Second Military Region reached Vasily's ears at the first time, touch screen digital signage ,smart whiteboard price, and he was obviously not surprised that it had happened. After a brief discussion with Kaganovich, he got into a military vehicle and left Yaroslavl in the direction of Holchui. He was the only person in the car besides the driver. Without a guard to follow him, not even a guard, he had to break into the headquarters of the rioting army to meet Zhukov. It was eight o'clock in the evening when Vassili finally arrived at Holchri. In his view, at this time, Holcui's garrison troops were obviously very nervous. Not to mention the heavy checkpoints along the way, there was also a motorized company that was always following behind his car. They were responsible for monitoring themselves. When he was about to arrive at the headquarters, Vasily asked the driver to turn a corner. He wanted to go to the field hospital first to visit Lukoangki, who was still recovering from his wounds there, and then do other things. At this time, the field hospital was obviously not as tense as other places, and there were relatively fewer guards everywhere, but the motorized company was still following behind, not relaxing for a moment. Would you like me to go up with you, General? When Vassili got out of the car, his driver asked with some concern. Vassili shook his head with a smile and made a reassuring gesture before he said, "You park the car and wait for me here. I'll be right down." Vasily then turned and walked into the ward building of the field hospital. "Click-click-clack," the rhythmic sound of heavy boots beating on the ground echoed through the halls of the hospital. There you are. At the corner of the cloister on the second floor, a voice that sounded infinitely tired blocked Vasily's way. Turning his head in astonishment, Vasily realized that there were six or seven people standing or standing on the bench opposite the corner, and the most conspicuous one should be Zhukov sitting in the middle of the bench. This period of time did not see, Vasily was surprised to find that the general, who had been in high spirits even if he was belittled, had lost his sharpness, replaced by the deep anxiety and infinite loss on his face. Why is the general here? Vasily took off his hat and stepped forward to the opposite side of Zhukov. I received a telegram from Comrade Kryuchkov saying that you would come today, so I came here early in the morning to wait for you. Zhukov pointed to a seat beside him and motioned for Vasily to sit down and talk. Then he continued, "I know your character and I guess you will come here first." "Oh, I didn't think you were the one who really knew me." Vasily was not polite either. He handed his hat to a colonel's staff officer beside Zhukov and sat down calmly. The general joked, I can only understand the general's temperament, as for the general's whole person I think I am far from seeing through. As he spoke, Zhukov took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed one to Vasily. I can't see through the general's thoughts, otherwise I wouldn't have come this far. Looking at the cigarette Zhukov handed him, Vasily hesitated for a moment, but finally took it and put it in his mouth. In fact,temperature screening kiosk, my thoughts are very simple. Vasily said, "It's just that the general thought the problem was too complicated, so he had a feeling that he couldn't see through and touch it." 。 hsdtouch.com