Charm Story _ Rosen _ txt Novel Paradise

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Charm Story _ Rosen _ txt Novel ParadiseCharm Story _ Rosen _ txt Novel ParadiseCharm Story _ Rosen _ txt Novel Paradise

Looking at the ceiling, I wondered where I was, and then I realized that I was still staying in the temporary residence provided by Bai Dezhao. Body injuries have disappeared, in addition to the left eye is still unable to see, the rest of the serious injuries can not see traces. Uh Where is the grass?) When he was in a coma, the immortal body could not heal itself. Even if there was some movement, the energy consumed by the healing of such injuries would certainly make him as tired as if he had been sucked dry after waking up. Now the body is intact, the spirit is more abundant than ever, in addition to his wife's holy power, there is no other explanation. Are you awake? Will you be hungry? Now that her husband was sober, the grass took a bowl of lotus seed soup from the table and fed it into his mouth spoonful by spoonful at the signal of his eyes, so that he could take the opportunity to enjoy the privilege of being injured. Feng Hua Dao was placed on the table, which was a love thing with his other wife. Anyway, Lancelot did not want to lose it. In addition, there was a bunch of light purple lilies on the table. Honey, you are very popular! Someone sent you flowers! "Well, do you mean to help me visit the grave in advance?"? With the current situation, there must be a lot of people in Jixia who want me to die. In the battle with Bai Qi, he showed a lot of ugliness, especially at the critical moment of life and death. He directly refused to sacrifice virtue. Although he knew that it was difficult to force others, his human nature was selfish. Seeing that he said so, Jixia people must have spurned themselves very much. Don't think too much about Jixia. Let nature take its course. "However," said Xiao Cao, "this bouquet of flowers was sent from other places by a messenger from the brothel alliance. According to the time, I should have received the news that you were going to abdicate,silk cherry blossom tree, and I sent it to encourage you." Lancelot took the Lily. Unlike Hulagu's favorite perfume Lily, this bunch of lilies has a faint fragrance, which makes people feel very comfortable. Light purple lilies are not a normal species. I remember that when I entered the White Ivory Pagoda, I also received a bunch of purple lilies without a name. I did not sign them, but wrote the words "take care of them" on a small card. At that time, I didn't take it seriously. I just thought it was an aristocrat's flattery. I was afraid of being laughed at by my wife and sister, so I threw the flowers away. I didn't expect that someone would still send flowers at the moment when I was down and out. It was the icing on the cake before, but now it's time to provide timely help! Opening the small card at the top, Lancelot was still unsigned,faux grass wall, just writing "Don't give up." Lancelot was unexpectedly moved. It turned out that apart from his relatives and friends, his various actions in Jixia were still affirmed by people. "Grass, do you know where this came from?" "I don't know, wait until I get back!" The grass stood up and prepared to leave. Hello! Hello! You heartless woman, where do you want to leave your husband who is seriously injured? "I just forced my second brother to promise that he would take me to see my eldest brother and make it clear to each other." "Eldest brother has gone too far this time," said the grass. "I can't sit back and do nothing any more. After I make it clear, I'll join hands with my husband to teach him a lesson." Lancelot also wants to go, all the time, he and Bai Qi only meet on the battlefield, never have the rest of the opportunity to meet, but, now the situation to meet, must be a deadly battle, or give everything to his wife! "By the way, grass, thank you!"! You are very tired to urge the holy power like this. "No, I actually.." The grass seemed to want to say something, decorative palm trees ,silk ficus tree, but finally she stopped and left with a smile. Lancelot looked at the lilies with mixed feelings and pondered. There was a knock on the door. Strange And who is it. "Damn, it hurts. Who on earth does that guy regard as an enemy?" In the daytime camp, Hunter looked at himself in the mirror, bruised and bruised, and lamented his misfortune. Day line still from a coma, by the ministries of the general is responsible for dealing with affairs, at the same time to appease the mood of the soldiers under, today from white open massacre, let the army in anger, more many people gave birth to the idea of leaving, now maintain the integrity of the whole army, is the ministries of general to appease, and white back down a word. If you want to flee, you can deduct the 100,000 troops guarding various places. There are still 400,000 here. If you run away 20,000, I'll kill the remaining 380,000. Stunned by this sentence, the army monitored each other for a time, and no one dared to act rashly, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that the army controlled by terrorism was bound to be unsustainable, and it was only a matter of time before it fell apart. How can anyone command like this? This guy doesn't know how to do anything!) Hunter thought so, but also understood that for Bai Qi, he did not care about the existence of these troops, all the strength of their own, as long as he can act, he is confident to do everything, destroy everything. Looking back on what happened on the battlefield, it is really chilling. Also let oneself begin to guess, now Bai Qi shows the strength, in the end is this huge iceberg how much proportion of the tip? When he beheaded Lancelot to death, Bai Qi, who had always remained indifferent, broke out in an unprecedented rage. If Lancelot had been very angry when he heard that his sister and brother had been hurt, now Bai Qi's anger was ten times more intense. Left nuclear fusion, right magic dragon, two types of strong boxing moves to press the triple pressure of yuan Gong, that day Nell's proud moves, once again reappear. What surprised Hunter even more was that the strength of this thorough attack was completely aimed at the gap between his own gold and absolute operation, and it was attacked in a flash of lightning, which greatly reduced the strength of his body protection. Abandoning the attack on Lancelot, Jin Jue managed to take the blow, already feeling dizzy and suffering from internal injuries, and before he could catch his breath, the shadow was shaking, and Bai Qi had come to the top and kicked in the bright sunshine. Light, photosynthesis kick!) This idea has come too late, the face was kicked, all the strength of the body collapsed, almost the facial features of the blood to fly back. On the other side, Bai Qi had caught Lancelot who had fallen down, put his hands on his bloody chest, and immediately used his means to save the day. Second seal, unlock! Third seal,artificial grass panels, unlock! The fourth seal, unlock! Enter super mode, function 100% support!) 。