Bitter enemy pulled me to do wechat business after crossing

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Bitter enemy pulled me to do wechat business after crossing [Jin Tui]

But humans are different. Human beings are much more pretentious than monsters, and anything can be imported. This is the reason why monsters like to have the belly of the Kun, and human beings like to take more trouble to use the sleeve of the Kun or the magic weapon. Zhuo Qing sucked away the ghost gas ghost fire that move to use really well, but he later nausea vomiting, if not Qiu ran thought there was fraud, choose to escape. If Qiu ran directly uses his magic power again, Zhuo Qing may be slow because of his physical discomfort. The second mistake was when Zhuo Qing thought he was sure to win and began to use the killing move. Zhuo Qing considered a series of moves, his whole body ignited flames, both defense and attack, sharp claws plus sound wave interference, as long as the face is successful, he can hit the damage of the explosion. But Zhuo Qing obviously only thought about how to attack, less about how others would deal with it. Wan Xu is really do not understand, Zhuo Qing himself can use the sound wave attack, how did not expect Qiu ran can also use? Zhuo Qing was injured by a ghost cry, and because the cat's hearing was stronger than that of a human, he lost his fighting ability in an instant. Fortunately, Silver Moon Aya is always ready,Theobromine Powder, Zhuo Qing was injured, Silver Moon Aya automatically protected the Lord, did not let Zhuo Qing suffer more serious injuries. Qiu ran also set a trap when he was fighting and retreating. But Zhuo Qing did not think about the trap that the other side might set. Generally speaking, Zhuo Qing's combat experience is too little to consider comprehensively. Thanks to his previous series of practices, Qiu ran guessed that there were other more powerful beings behind him, so the trap he set was only to help him escape,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and the power was not too great. Although it doesn't matter if it's a little more powerful, Wan Xu is still standing by. Wan Xu's attention was all on Zhuo Qing, so he didn't notice when Qiu ran ran away. Qiu Ran is an evil spirit in the late period of Qi refining. Even though Wan Xu is already in the period of building the foundation, he suppresses his strength in the period of Qi refining. Zhuo Qing also knew that he had made several mistakes that were too retarded, so Wan Xu said that he would write a self-criticism. Just ten thousand words. Zhuo Qing peeked at Wan Xu's face. Okay, 10,000 words is 10,000 words. He really needs a good review. When Xie Yu was running desperately, Zhuo Qing lay on the top of Wan Xu's head, using the silver moon silk as a table, and buried himself in writing self-criticism. When they arrived at the next town, Xie Yu and Zhuo Qing were out of strength, one lying on the ground, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,D BHB Factory, the other lying in Wan Xu's arms, panting hard. Wan Xu looked around and said, "Why is this town so lifeless?" "There was a plague in this town not long ago," said Xie Yu, panting. Zhuo Qing tried to turn over, and continued to gasp: [I feel the breath of Qiu Ran that bitch!] "Don't speak in such a tone," said Wan Xu. "Be civilized." Zhuo Qingmao's belly fell down together and said, [I don't!] Wan Xu:.. Do you want to be added another ten thousand words? Zhuo Qing opened his eyes and said, "I am weak.". But is this the problem now? This plague may be the mischief of Qiu Ran! "The breath has gone. It should have been a long time ago." Wan Xu said, "There may be a plague left in the city. Let's make a detour." Although Wan Xu and Zhuo Qing are not afraid of the plague, Xie Yu, as a mortal, the plague still has an effect on him. More importantly, after the plague, the remaining people are not necessarily friendly to the passing travelers. Although Xie Yu did not quite understand what Wan Xu was thinking, he did not want to enter the town either. Xie Yu stood up and patted his leg and said, "I've regained some strength. I can still run for a while." Wan Xu nodded and let Xie Yu continue to run. When he left the lifeless town, he gathered the spirit around him and poured it into the town, dispersing the evil spirit caused by the dead in the town. The Earth God, who was working hard to purify the earth vein, suddenly felt light all over, and the evil spirit in the earth vein became clear in an instant. He thought about it and looked in the direction of Wan Xu's departure. When the Earth God cast his eyes in the direction of Wan Xu's departure, Wan Xu also felt something and looked back. [What's going on?] Zhuo Qing wrote a self-criticism while talking to Wan Xu. [Discovered by the Earth God there.] Wan Xudao. If you find it, you will find it. Zhuo Qing shook his tail, feeling that his tail was cramping. [You said that Qiu Ran had created so many disasters. Why didn't the practitioners in this world hold a meeting to get rid of demons?] Maybe they didn't realize that Qiu Ran had done those things. Wan Xu said, [In this world, transportation and communication are very inconvenient. Qiu Ran walks around doing evil and is good at hiding. If it weren't for our keen sense, we wouldn't have noticed that he was doing evil.] Zhuo Qing snorted and said, [He also said that he just wanted revenge. Spreading the plague and killing is also a part of revenge.] The evil way he practices requires the manipulation of corpses and resentful spirits. It's still peaceful now. He can't get so many corpses and spirits. He has to make them himself. Wan Xu said, "Before I leave, if I can't meet him again, I'll leave something for the Cheng Huang of Feng'an County.". Qiu Ran is sure to let Feng'an County go.] Zhuo Qing suddenly felt guilty. If he wasn't too bad, Qiu Ran wouldn't have slipped away. If Qiu ran committed any crime during the time he was slipping away, it would be his fault. Wan Xu touched Zhuo Qing's head and did not comfort Zhuo Qing. This matter can give Zhuo Qing a little pressure. The world of cultivating immortals is not a game world. Every choice and mistake will cause serious consequences. Zhuo Qing will have to bear all this sooner or later. It is better to be aware of it earlier than when it is irretrievable. After feeling guilty, Zhuo Qing quickly completed the review. Wan Xu read a review, Zhuo Qing wrote the review into a "tactical plan", detailing the next time he met Qiu Ran, he should take measures to deal with. Wan Xu sighed in his heart. Although Zhuo Qing's writing is still very naive, but Zhuo Qing is the first time in actual combat, there is no way to be naive. To exercise actual combat ability,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, we can only exercise in actual combat. Wan Xu said: [We'll find some bandits' dens along the way. I'll suppress your realm to the level of ordinary monsters. You can practice your hands with ordinary people.] Common monster? A kitten with soft, weak legs and short legs? Are you sure I'm the one who practices, not the one who stews me? Zhuo Qing twitched at the corners of his mouth and said feebly: [Good.] Wan Xu rubbed the cat's head.