Journey to the West

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Banquet set up flat peach monkey disturbance, Antian meeting wins flat peach. The auspicious light of the dragon

Banquet set up flat peach monkey disturbance, Antian meeting wins flat peach. The auspicious light of the dragon flag is kind, and the auspicious air of the banner of the treasure festival is floating. Immortal music and metaphysical songs have beautiful rhymes, and the sound of the phoenix flute and jade pipe is high. Qiongxiang curls around the collection of immortals, and the universe is clear and peaceful to celebrate the holy Dynasty. All the people had a happy meeting, and the Queen Mother led a group of fairies, fairies, concubines, and beauties to dance in front of the Buddha. She bowed and said, "I was disturbed by the demon monkey for a while. Now I have been chained by the Tathagata Dafa. I have nothing to thank for the celebration of the'Antian Meeting '. Now I am picking several large peaches with my clean hands and offering them to you." It's really: Half red and half green, sweet and fragrant, gorgeous and immortal roots for thousands of years. Can laugh at Wulingyuan on the species, such as Tianfu more Qiqiang! The purple grain is delicate and few in the world, and the core is sweet and unique in the world. Prolonging one's life can make one's body easy, and those who are predestined to eat are very special. The Buddha clasped his hands together and thanked the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother sang and danced with the fairies and fairies. The meeting was full of immortals, and they all appreciated it. Exactly: The misty sky is full of fragrance, and the pistils and flowers are colorful. The jade capital and the golden palace are of great splendor, and the exotic treasures are priceless. Right, right, as long as the sky, the number of plagues will increase. Sang Tian Cang Hai Ren was even worse, and he was not surprised. The Queen Mother was singing and dancing with the fairies, drinking, and not long after, she suddenly heard: A strange fragrance came to the nose and alarmed the stars and the stars. The celestial Buddha stopped his cup and raised his head to greet him. There is an old man in the middle of Xiaohan, holding Ganoderma lucidum in his hand. The gourd stores the elixir for ten thousand years, and the treasure records the longevity of the famous book for a thousand years. Heaven and earth are free in the cave, and the sun and the moon follow the achievements in the pot. Roaming the four seas is leisurely and leisurely, and the ten continents are scattered and light. Once went to the flat peach to get drunk several times, but when I woke up, the moon was still bright. Long head, big ears and short body, the South Pole is called Laoshou. The birthday boy is here again. When the Jade Emperor had finished his ceremony, he saw the Tathagata again. He thanked him and said, "I first heard that the demon monkey had been led by Laojun to the Dou Shuigong to be tempered. I thought he would be safe,side impact beams, but I didn't expect him to come out again.". Gan Tathagata was good at subjugating this monster and held a banquet to thank him, so he came here after hearing the news. There is nothing else to offer, especially Ganoderma lucidum, green lotus root and golden elixir. The poem says: The golden elixir of green lotus root worships Sakyamuni, and the Tathagata lives as long as the sand. Qingping Yongle Sancheng Brocade, Kangtai Changsheng Jiupin Flower. The true Dharma King in Wuxiangmen, Sekong, is an immortal in the sky. The heaven and earth are all called ancestors, and Zhang's six golden bodies are blessed with longevity. The Tathagata gladly accepted the thanks. Longevity seat, still go to the origin. I saw the barefoot fairy come again. After bowing down in front of the Jade Emperor, he thanked the Buddha and said, "I deeply feel the magic power to subdue the demon monkey.". There is nothing to show respect, especially two pears and several fire dates. The poem says: The Great Immortal is barefoot,Precision Welded pipes, jujube and pear are fragrant, and Amitabha has a long life. Qibaolantai is as stable as a mountain, and Qianjinhuazuo is as beautiful as a brocade. Life is the same as heaven and earth, and the words are not wrong, but the words of Fu are not crazy. Fushou as scheduled is really a leisurely bliss in the west. The Tathagata thanked him again. Call a Nuo, Kasyapa, will each offer things, one by one, the direction of the Jade Emperor before the banquet. Everyone is drunk. "The Great Sage has stretched out his head," said a spiritual inspector. "All right, all right," said the Buddha. Only one card was drawn out of the sleeve, on which there were six gold characters: ", ma, ne, ba, (mouth fan),". Pass and a Nuo, called paste on the top of the hill. The Venerable Master immediately took the post, took it out of the gate of heaven, went to the top of the Five Elements Mountain, and stuck it tightly on a square stone. That mountain is rooted in the seam, can use the breath, hands climb out, side impact door beams ,beam impact tubes, can shake to earn. A Nuo reported back: "The post has been posted." The Tathagata immediately resigned from the Jade Emperor and the gods, and went out of the gate of heaven with the two venerable ones. With a compassionate heart, he recited the mantra of the True Word and summoned a God of the earth from the Five Elements Mountain. Together with the five parties, he revealed the truth and lived in this mountain. But when he is hungry, he eats with his iron balls, and when he is thirsty, he drinks with his melted copper juice. When the day of his calamity is over, he will be delivered. Exactly: The demon monkey boldly rebelled against the Heavenly Palace, but was subdued by the Tathagata. Thirsty to drink copper to endure the years, hungry to eat iron to spend the time. Suffering from natural disasters, suffering from hardships, human affairs are desolate and happy to live a long life. If the hero shows up again, he will go to the West to worship the Buddha. And the poem says: To subdue the powerful and prosperous, to subdue the dragon and subdue the tiger, and to be good. Steal peaches, steal wine, travel to Tianfu, and accept the record of Chengen in Yujing. The evil is full and the body is trapped, and the good root does not die and the spirit rises. Sure enough, he got rid of the hands of the Tathagata and waited for the Tang Dynasty to produce holy monks. After all, I don't know what year and month it will be full of disasters. Let's listen to the explanation in the next installment. Chapter 8 of the Catalogue: I, the Buddha, Made the Sutra and Passed the Blissful Avalokitesvara to Chang'an I would like to ask about the Zen Pass. If you seek innumerable things, you will often end up old. Grinding bricks for mirrors, snow for food, how many years have you been lost? The hair swallows the sea, the mustard accepts the Sumi, the golden head prevents the smile. At the time of enlightenment, there were more than ten places and three times, and four lives and six paths were stagnated. Who heard the sound of Du Yu's spring dawn in front of the cliff and under the shady tree? Caoxi road is dangerous, Jiling cloud is deep, here the old friend's voice is repeated. Thousands of feet of ice cliffs, five-leaf lotus open, the ancient temple curtain hanging incense. At that time, he saw through the source and saw the three treasures of the Dragon King. This poem is called Su Wu Man. I, the Buddha Tathagata, said goodbye to the Jade Emperor and returned to the Leiyin Temple, but I saw the three thousand Buddhas, the five hundred Alas, the eight Vajras, and the boundless Bodhisattvas, all clinging to their banners and pagodas, and the exotic fairy flowers, arrayed in the fairyland of Lingshan Mountain. Under the double forest of Borneo to meet. The Tathagata took hold of the auspicious cloud and said to the crowd, "I have gone through the three realms with great suffering.". Fundamentally, after all, silence. The same as the void, nothing. Ou Fu good monkey. I don't know what it is. The name begins with life and death, and the law is the same. Say, put the light of the relic, there are 42 white rainbow in the sky, north and south. When the public sees it, they take refuge and worship. After a little while, they gathered together to celebrate the colorful clouds and fog, climbed onto the Lotus Terrace, and sat down. The three thousand Buddhas, the five hundred arhats, the eight Vajras, and the four Bodhisattvas clasped their palms together, and when they had finished, they asked the sun, "Who is the one who disturbs the peaches in the Heavenly Palace?" The Tathagata said, "That fellow is a demon monkey from Huaguo Mountain. His crimes are monstrous and indescribable.". General God will, all can't subdue, although Erlang captured. Laojun exercises with fire, but he can't be hurt. When I went there, I was in the middle of the thunder generals, swaggering and showing off, but I stopped him and asked him where he came from. His words have magical powers, can change, and drive somersaults. A million miles away. I made a bet with him, but he couldn't get out of my hands, so I grabbed him, pointed to the Five Elements Mountain, and sealed him there. The five emperors opened the Jinque Yao Palace and invited me to sit in the chief. Li Antian thanked me at the meeting, but he left and returned. The public was delighted to hear it and praised it. Thank you,impact beam tubes, each class and retreat, each stick to the matter, a total of joy and innocence. Sure enough:.