Quickly wear the undead patient.

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Reeves put him on the bed and hugged him again. "If you want warmth, I can give it to you."

Reeves put him on the bed and hugged him again. "If you want warmth, I can give it to you." The man had just stood in the sunshine for a while, and now his body was full of warm temperature and the smell of sunshine, and Su Jinzhi was hugged by him, as warm and comfortable as if he were personally bathed in the golden light. Su Jinzhi bent his knee and put it on his crotch. Room Looking up at Reeves. "Maybe you want to give me something else.". "It's warm, too." The man kissed him on the lips. "I thought Lord Josh would have liked it." "No, I don't like this dirty thing at all." "But I think he likes you." As Reeves spoke, he pushed Su Jinzhi down on the soft bed, nibbling and licking on the young man's white and delicate neck, leaving wet water marks on his collarbone and shoulder blade, "My dear Lord Josh, if you look at me with these beautiful eyes again, I'm afraid I'll selfishly want to take your free time." Use this dirty thing to keep you in this love bed full of you and me. "Oh, what a dirty conversation." Reeves is a great kisser, young and tender. Feeling of the body and can not resist any teasing. As soon as Su Jinzhi had a little feeling,Investment casting parts, number one suddenly made a sound, scaring him soft. Su Jinzhi had to turn his head sideways, frowning and drinking Reeves: "Reeves, you should serve me to dress.". Or you think I should call the other servants. "What can we do if we ask them to come?" Reeves laughed. "They can't beat me. They can't save you." The man's arms rested on his ears, and the muscles arched by the force made a bulging arc on his clothes. His deep eyes were full of smiles,car radiator cap, intertwined with love, and his voice was deep and hoarse: "Maybe you want them to come in and see how I licked the noble Lord Josh to tears?" Number One was also shocked. He hesitated for a moment. "Maybe I should take a vacation today. I think you had a good time." "Where do you see me happy?" Su Jinzhi roared at it. The data monitors that you just got hard. Number one spoke to him with facts, "Are you playing a game with saving the general goal?" Su Jinzhi said, "No, he wants to be strong.". Rape me 。” "Be forced..". A rapist cannot be hardened. 。” How do you know you can't get hard? You're not being forced. I've been raped 。” Su Jinzhi justifiably refuted him. Number one Number one was speechless for a moment. He sighed, "Oh, I'll come back to work after you've been raped." After saying that, no matter how Su Jinzhi called it, number one did not appear again. Being stirred up by No.1, Su Jinzhi was ashamed and indignant, but Reeves let him go at this time. He stood up straight and tidied up his wrinkled sleeves a little. Suddenly, die casting parts ,die cast light housing, he became a gentle footman with abstinence and loyalty. His master, who should have been respected and loved on the tip of his heart, was lying on his back on the big bed with messy clothes and love marks. Reeves took the pocket watch from his waist, opened the brass cover, took a look, smiled and picked up the beige silk shirt and walked to Su Jinzhi. Su Jinzhi was now a little afraid of him and backed away from the bed with his elbows for a short distance. It's half past nine, Lord Josh. Reeves tilted his head and shook the silk shirt in his hand. "You should get up for breakfast." Don't think I don't know, you just want to see me naked. Body 。 Su Jinzhi narrowed his eyes. Reeves had stopped him from wearing silk shirts and trousers to sleep. Every day he found a beautiful nightdress for him to wear. His intentions were extremely sinister. Give me the clothes. I can wear them myself. "How can that be?"? It is my duty to serve you. Reeves lowered his head and licked the young white's nearly transparent auricle. "It's comfortable for you, too." Finally, Su Jinzhi put on his shirt with a cold face in the hot eyes of Reeves. The silk shirt was gorgeous and intricate, with a delicate lace border at the neckline, buttons made of round, snow-white pearls, and beautiful sapphire sleeve pins at the corners of the sleeves. Reeves stood in front of him, fastening the buttons from bottom to top, staring at his chest with mottled red marks and sighing: "I'm looking forward to the night when I can take it off with my own hands." Su Jinzhi: ".." After sweeping the nonexistent dust and wrinkles from his shirt with a small broom, Reeves leaned down and kissed him gently in the eyes. "It's a nice day today, and I hope my beloved Lord Josh can have a good mood, too." Breakfast is pumpkin porridge, fried eggs, and a piece of meat. Intestines After Su Jinzhi took his seat, Reeves stood beside him and poured him blood wine. Today, the person who gave him blood changed again. Yesterday, he also had a full bottle of strawberry flavored blood. He put it in a big box in his bedroom and locked it. But when he got up this morning, the bottle was still empty, so he had to find a new slave to give blood. He had thought that the blood theft was related to the magic stone mine, but since Reeves tore the mask in front of him, he knew that the magic stone mine had nothing to do with the blood theft, so what was the reason? In connection with the dream he had a few days ago, Su Jinzhi suddenly got goose bumps all over his body-it is said that the ancient castle is very easy to gather resentful souls, is it possible. Is it the dead old Joshes who have come to take his life? Or the ghosts of the slaves once killed by Josh Hillier come to take their blood? Su Jinzhi couldn't sit still. He thought creepily and took a sip of the red liquid in the crystal cup. When he found that the blood was milk-flavored, he asked Reeves, "How many slaves' blood are there in the cellar that I haven't tasted?" He has tasted the blood of many people so far, but apart from himself and Reeves,metal stamping parts, he has never drunk the blood of two people with exactly the same taste. Is the taste of each person's blood different? "Thirty-four more." Reeves soon gave him a definite answer, but he misunderstood what Su Jinzhi meant. "Didn't Lord Josh give up looking for the wind?" Su Jinzhi glanced at him: "Since I didn't find it, why should I give up?" 。 autoparts-dx.com