A Letter of Divorce Candy Fate

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Hearing what Caixiu said, Tang Tangdeng realized that the adult in Caixiu's mouth was none other than her

Hearing what Caixiu said, Tang Tangdeng realized that the adult in Caixiu's mouth was none other than her nominal ex-husband, the self-confident assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites, Li Xiuli. Tang Tang closed his eyes disdainfully and hummed, "If I miss him, Li Xiu, unless the rooster lays eggs and the sow climbs the tree." Just as Caixiu was about to go on, there was a gentle knock on the door outside the house, and no one spoke or did anything else. But it was so quiet that the master and servant guessed who was coming at the same time. Colorful sleeves, open the door for the wood. Tang Tang lay lazily on the soft couch, motionless and lazy. Colorful sleeve is very happy to answer, small blush to run to Tang Tang in the mouth of the wood, that is, the teahouse new bookkeeper Duan Qinghe open the door. Afraid of the heat, Tang Tang only wore a white cloud gauze skirt, like a light gauze cover, which made the exquisite body more attractive. She did not care much, if not for the repeated obstruction of colorful sleeves, she would like to show all the places that can be exposed. Duan Qinghe, on the other hand, wore a simple green shirt as always, without superfluous decoration or superfluous expression. Slender hand holding a slightly fragrant account book, silent eyes like stagnant water calmly looking at Tang sugar, the next moment, then no trace of the eyes away, just handed the account book to the sleeve, and through the sleeve of the hand to the Tang sugar hand. Tang Tang looked through a few pages in boredom, then threw them aside and called out "wood" lazily. Duan Qinghe lowered his eyes and did not make a sound, so that people could not see what he was thinking. Tang sugar waited for a long time did not see a response,tannic acid astringent, and see Duan Qinghe uncharacteristically did not look at her, and is very inexplicable to look at their own body, immediately understand to come over. With a slight smile, she stood up slowly, walked a few steps to Duan Qinghe's front, and gathered in front of his eyes, deliberately calling out in a charming voice: "Wood." Moments later, Duan Qinghe stepped back gently, his thin lips moved slightly, and he spit out two words: "Qinghe." Compared with Duan Qinghe's awkwardness,saw palmetto extract, Tang Tang looked very happy. She took another step closer and continued to say, "I like to call you Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood!" This time, Duan Qinghe no longer had any reaction, neither retreating nor making a sound. After half a ring, he slowly raised his eyes, looked directly at Tang Tang's smart eyes with a faint smile, and did not speak, so he looked at them with an expressionless face. Having played enough tricks on people, Tang Tang, who was made uncomfortable by Duan Qinghe, took the joke and lay back on the soft couch again. After a while, she was sweating all over and naturally didn't want to move any more. Wood, I'll give you this account book. You don't have to look at it every day. Duan Qinghe took over the account book from the colorful sleeve in silence. In addition to the fragrance of ink, there was also a faint fragrance, which belonged to the people who were concerned about it. And it was this moment of getting along that made him almost unable to control his mood and hide his emotions. The fingers clasped tightly into the palm, and when he looked up again, his eyes were calm without any waves. Don't stay long.. Thinking like this, lycopene for skin ,pumpkin seed extract, Duan Qinghe moved lightly and was ready to leave. Just as he turned around, Tang Tang's voice sounded from behind him again: "Wood, do you know how to avoid summer heat?" He smiled bitterly in his heart, but his face was still expressionless. "Calm and naturally cool," he replied. Say that finish, then left in a hurry, no longer dare to stay. Tang Tang did not know what Duan Qinghe was thinking, she just opened her mouth slightly, for a long time before a burst of laughter, heat and irritability disappeared, so that dinner time is an exception to eat two bowls of rice, a bunch of people are frightened. However, the heart is calm and naturally cool, after all, is perfunctory language, is the night, Tang Tang in bed tossing and turning, how can not sleep, the more hot, the more impetuous, the heart is more impetuous, it can not cool up. As usual, he tossed about all night until the third watch, when he could not resist sleepiness and fell into a deep sleep. If a few days ago, just sleep not long, Tang sugar will be awakened by the heat again, repeatedly tossing and turning, straight call to death. Tonight, however, she slept very soundly, with a pleasant coolness around her all the time, so that she slept until the third day of the day, making up for the lack of sleep in the past. Had it not been for his hungry stomach, it was estimated that Tang Tang would have continued to sleep, after all, it had not been so comfortable for a long time. She smacked her lips with satisfaction and slowly opened her eyes. What comes into view is a beautiful handsome face, like evil spirits coming to the world and water lilies blooming lightly, which makes the moon linger and the fragrant breeze light, just like the first dew in the morning. Thin lips slightly warped, draw a sexy smile mark, long eyelashes tremble slightly with each even breath, lightly covering the original charming soul of the coquettish. The white clothes are slightly open, the scenery is beautiful, the ink hair is lightly draped, accompanied by the fragrant breeze. Like a baby's unguarded sleeping face, it adds the spirit of immortals and reduces the charm of evil spirits. It is Yu Qingfeng himself who has not seen for more than a month. Tang Tang looked at such a demon foolishly, trying to move away from the bed, but found himself firmly fixed in Yu Qingfeng's arms, while the slender arms were around her waist, so that she could not move at all. However, being held like this, she did not feel a trace of warmth, but seemed to drive away all her restlessness, which was a rare comfort and coolness. Immediately react to come over, this night, she can sleep until dawn, perhaps is the blessing of this evil. However, thanks to thanks, it was uncomfortable to be held by a man who had met only once. Tang Tang tried to move again, trying to remove the hand around her waist. Unexpectedly, as soon as she moved, Yu Qingfeng immediately frowned discontentedly. With a slight effort in his arms, he hugged her tightly for half a minute. Then he muttered softly,jujube seed powder, "Don't move. It's not long before I sleep. Let me sleep again." With that, he continued to sleep with his eyes closed, completely ignoring Tang Tang's resistance. prius-biotech.com